October 8, 2007

What's on my DVR?

My TV line up.


Simpsons - Always good for a few laughs. The first two episodes have been good. Nothing spectacular, but entertaining.

Family Guy- I’m not a big fan of the long drawn out scenes they do. Sometimes they make me laugh, other times I just want them to get on with it. There were a couple of those the past two weeks that got on my nerves, but other than that, another good start to the Family Guy season.

American Dad-This show is getting better. It was…just so wrong last night, on so many levels I couldn’t help but to laugh.

Tell me you love me (HBO)-Okay, not really what you’d expect me to watch after cartoons all night long, right? Well, this show is…wow. Not only do they show real style sex and all its icky old people glory, it’s one of the most honest and heart wrenching shows I’ve seen about relationships and sex. I think any couple, no matter what stage of relationships, should watch this show.


Chuck-If you don’t THINK too much about how out there the premise is, and some of the things they actually do in the show, it’s fun. Chuck has all the government’s secrets in his head. And, because he’s seen the secrets, and, well, he’s a human with a brain, he can sort of spit out theories or solutions by being prompted by an image or situation. The girl kicks ass. The cast is funny. We’ll see how the writers fair in the upcoming weeks.

Heroes-Off to an iffy start, but with Sylar back this week, it should start moving along. Peter looks HOTT! Yum. And poor Nathan, I feel for him. He finally did one good thing and thinks he lost his brother. I’m digging the Kensi story, and I love the guy who is playing him. (He was on Alias.)

Journeyman-My two favorite things in the Sci-fi world is 1. Time Travel and 2. Immortality. I’ve been fascinated by both for years. This show isn’t bad. I’m not sure how long I’ll watch it, but so far it’s keeping my interests. I like the fact he can jump back and forth to gather more information about his ‘charges’, which gives it a bit of a twist on the Quantum Leap rip-off. I also like how they keep it in San Francisco, makes me think there are other Journeypeople all over the country, maybe the world. Could make for interesting stories in the future…

Weeds (Showtime)-This is the third season of the show and its back on track again. Suburban mom sells weed to support her family after her husband died. It got sidetracked by gangs and the DEA for a while, but not the focus is back on the family. Good. I love the Botwins and Agrestic. It’s a hilarious show and the cast is brilliant!


Caveman-Yes, I watched it last week. I laughed a few times. I’m not sure I’ll go out of my way to watch it on a regular basis because there are so many other sitcoms I don’t watch and should. I can’t help it, I’m a drama whore. Not expecting the poor missing links to make it, but if people can see/hear the messages beyond the weirdo caveman vibe, it could make it. Honestly, I think they should have made it for kids, might have faired better.

Biggest Loser-Considering I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I’ve lost 100lbs on my own, I enjoy watching this show to see other people making the same changes in their lives. It’s rather emotional sometimes, and I really do feel their pain on occasion, having been there myself. It’s one of the best TV shows out there right now that can help you change your life if you want it too.

Reaper-I’ve seen the first two episodes. Eh. It’s all right for me. It’s like Ghost Rider on low budget and no flaming skull head. Ray Wise is funny, so is the majority of the cast, but…eh.


Pushing Daisies-I love the look of this show. I think the premise is interesting too. I’m really into the ‘we want to be together but we shouldn’t/can’t’ angle of the story but I have a feeling that might get old, quick. Most people watching shows always want people to hook up. That can’t happen on this show with the male and female leads. I hope they don’t find some stupid plot twist/device in a few months to change things when the viewers get all pissy and want them to get together. Good first episode. Probably the best premier out of all the new shows I’ve watched so far.

Kid Nation-I started watching this mainly for research. As a writer, I like to keep in touch with the different groups of people I’d like to write for one day. Some of the kids on this show are amazing! Some of them use bigger words than I do! It’s refreshing to see how smart some of these kids are. Then again, it’s sad to see how some of them act and expect to be treated. Shame on the parents. I swear, if my daughter ever said “I don’t do dishes, I’m a beauty queen.” I would die of shame and make her do dishes and windows everyday until she was 18!

Bionic Woman-I watched the first two episodes of this because Starbuck (BSG) was in them. I know it’s just starting to get into the whole ‘save the world’ mode, so it should pick up. I’m just not sure I’m that into this show.

Criminal Minds-With Mandy leaving the show, Jenn’s not too sure if she’ll continue to watch it. For me, the show was all about Gideon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rest of the cast. Reed is hilarious. Morgan is hot. Garcia is a gem. Hotch is…well, he should have taken over the team. But that’s just my opinion. We’ll see how the new guy does. I’m going to keep an open mind. I just hate when the people I specifically watch a show for goes away.


Survivor-Better this season. LOVE the landscape. China is a beautiful country. I just wish they’d stop ripping us off. I haven’t picked my top four yet. I’ll wait for the merge.

30 Rock-This is another one of the few shows I picked up last year and couldn’t wait to see. It started off wonderfully with a cameo from Seinfeld. Alec Baldwin is amazing and gotta love Tina Fey, she’s a master of comedy!

Smallville-Lana’s alive. Duh, surprise. Supergirl? Super snot, but she dresses cute. Of course, I don’t trust Lex’s intentions and I hope Clark trains well and starts kicking some ass. I miss Papa Kent.

Supernatural-I missed some of the first season of this show, but my roomie filled me in. This season started off well. I like the fact that all the other hunters are pissed off with Sam and Dean. They’re back on their own again, the way it should be. Dean has a year to live. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do.

CSI (Vegas)-I don’t watch the others ones…If Jorja Fox (Sarah) is leaving the damn show, why didn’t they just fucking kill her? WHY let her live, just so she can go to the day shift? Whatever. A pissed off and heartbroken Grissom would have been a great twist on the new season.

Big Shots-I watched the first episode, the second is on my DVR waiting for me. It was pretty funny and smart, IMHO. I like how Titus’ wife is like Merris or Vera—you never see her. I think it may have faired better if it was on HBO or something and more adult if you get my drift, but so far it’s all right.

Moonlight-This show has potential once the writers decide where they’re going with it. The PI-Vampire thing seems to be a bit over the top and I’m not too keen on the Josef character, but the two main characters Mick and Beth are what will make or break the show for me. Roomie was pissed that she found out he was a vampire already, but I think that makes it better! I didn’t want to see a Lois and Clark type of deal again. Keeping secrets—covering things up so you don’t expose your secret. It’s good to have an ally, especially one you like and know you shouldn’t be with even though you want to badly. He’s not an old vampire, but there’s that immortally deal that I love so much. I’ll watch it a bit longer and see where it takes me.

Waiting for:
New Amsterdam
American Idol

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