August 18, 2008

What a weekend!

Great weekend! I saw my sister on Friday. Hung out, played some Rock Band.

Went to my writer’s meeting on Saturday. Wow.

First, it was great to see my new friends. We chatted, talked about our stuff. Had lunch. Talked some more. I love talking about writing. I have one or two friends I can blab with for a bit before they get bored, and ex-roomie will, thankfully, listen for hours on end when I need him too. But it’s not often I get to talk about it. That’s why I love these meetings.

Anyway, we had the chance to send in a one page synopsis for our current novels or WIP. I, of course, sent Lucky. Now mind you, I sent the synopsis in on Monday. Went to a critique group meeting on Tuesday, and changed my synopsis on Wednesday. I just missed the deadline to replace it. Grr. But, no worries. I had faith in the original one.

So, this wonderful editor lady comes to the meeting to read our stuff. Each one she gives feedback. What works, sounds good, intriguing, what doesn’t work, pieces missing or don’t make sense, etc. She gets to mine. Reads the teaser line. LIKES THE CONCEPT! Says it’s interesting and if executed well, could be great. Continues on, mentions a few wholes and unclear aspects to the story. But mentions if she were reading that for work, she’d request to see more.

Yes. My jaw broke off and fell to the floor.

After she read the rest, I shot my hand up for a question. I mention how my romance doesn’t really start until book two, and I have the whole story in three parts. I asked how I should mention books two and three in a future synopsis, she gives me some pointers. Then her literary agent got involved in the conversation about the three book arch I have. The editor thought the concept was interesting. The literary agent thought it would be hard to sell. I mentioned a few other new authors I’ve noticed getting three book deals. One of the board members said they’re more series books because minor characters take over in the subsequent books.

Interesting stuff.

Anyway, after the meeting broke. I spoke with the literary agent and asked if I could send her my new synopsis. She said yes! I asked if she wanted a query, and she asked for pages instead.

Freakin’ sweet!!

On the ride home I called my sister to tell her. Then I told everyone else. Even if I get nothing but great feedback from the agent, it really was nice and shocking to hear that someone out there likes my ideas. I may just make it after all.

I know my style…voice is different. And my romances are anything but traditional. I guess it takes a lot to sympathize with someone like Lucky. She’s an anti-hero. They work better in the movies. Maybe it’s that cynic inside of me that doesn’t allow me to really relate to formula romance. With some exceptions, the women are all so pretty and small and whatnot. The men are always big and alpha and heroish. Okay, granted, Kenji is a big guy, but he had to be taller and stronger than Lucky, and she’s already 5’10. The kind of happy ending, where I truly believe it, the couple has to really work to get there. Not just by avoiding the bad guys, but really getting to know each other. A lot of books throw the couple together and make the situations around them tense and dangerous. That leads to sexual tension, which leads to the romance. I don’t see a lot of relationship building and all the complications that come with that.

I like the way I’ve plotted out Lucky and Kenji’s relationship. It is real. Sure, it’s fiction, and they’re assassins…but it works and it feels right.

I’m feeling that little tingle I get when I’m excited about something. I want to finish book three before the writer’s conference in October. I need a great pitch for the trilogy. And I need to find someone who thinks it feels right too.

If they’re out there, I hope they’re ready. I am!

Oh, and on Sunday, I did chores. hehehe....

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