February 6, 2009

Frak me Friday!

I'll start off with the not so good news first.

I have to take vacation next week. All week. To help keep my job. Times are tough, everyone knows this, so I won't boo hoo you with my story. I still have a job. I love my job. I will do just about anything to keep it. So, I'm off next week.

That means I'm going to have PLENTY of time to edit, write, twitter, journal, blog, etc. Whee!

This is my writing plan:
Edit all three Lucky books one last time.
Reformat Tiva's books. Write query and synopsis.
Submit Tiva to Agents/Editors.
Follow up on Lucky Submissions, maybe send out some more.
Possibly revamp website (again).
Begin outline for new novel.

Work out every day.
Get hair cut.

Get mirror fixed on car.
Take car to inspection.

I'm going to be as productive as I can this week! Turn a not so good into a positive right?

Damn, it's cold. I seriously don't remember a cold winter like this since I was a kid. How do you thin people do it???


Gossip Girl: I seriously can't stop watching this show, I'm so in love with Chuck Bass. *swoon*
Heroes: I'm uber confused, but I'll go with it.
24: Still the best season so far!
American Idol: All of the kids I like are still there. Woot!
Fringe: Gets better each week.
(I missed my Criminal Minds and Mentalist this week. *sniffle*)
LOST: FanDAMNtastic, I love every second of this show right now.
Smallville: Get rid of Lana, please, it's so overdone. (I think she's great, her performance this week was great, but really, just let her go...we all know who Superman really loves.)
Supernatural: Mad Sammy is so much better than brooding Sammy. Dean is Dean, always will be Dean, so I will always love him.
Survivor comes back soon! Whee!
BSG Tonight. I hope someone kills Gaeta.

The Dollhouse is on tonight. I will record and watch. Big Fan of Josh, kinda like Eliza too. Terminator is coming back that day, thank god! I was worried I was going to have to stop watching it.


I'm going to the NY Comic Con on Sunday. My ex-Roomie is there already with his VIP passes! There's going to be a few authors there which means free signed books. Yay!

If you're going, let me know, maybe we can meet up!

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