February 2, 2009


The first half of the Superbowl was...eh, all right. The last play...just wow! I really love those kinds of exciting plays. The second half had a bunch of them too. I love the three minute crunch. No one did it better than Joe Montana, but this game was one of the best in recent memory.

Hudson = Great
Springsteen = Pretty good for an old guy. (I hope everyone googles Glory Days and finds Irene Peterson's novel!)
Commercials = well, I'll get to that now.

I'm not digging The Land of the Lost trailer. Sure, it LOOKS pretty, but it's not supposed to be a comedy. I love you Will Farrell but stop fucking up old TV shows. Wasn't Bewitched enough? Next he's going to do I Dream of Jeanie. Ugh.

Angels and Demons. It doesn't look bad. I refuse to read the book because Code was...horrible, still I like the movie better, so I think I'll like this movie too. Plus it's got Hottie McObi aka Ewan McGreggor in it. LOVE him. I'll have to watch it now.

The new Star Trek trailer was all right. The Transformer one was pretty good, as was Monsters and Aliens. I'm looking forward to all three movies!

I actually enjoyed those flower commericals. Very funny, original!

Backtrack to Friday.

BSG. Fucking Gaeta. I hope someone chops off his other leg. Glad Starbuck is back kicking ass. Poor Sam. I think he needs me to give him a hug. Nice to see the characters go back to their normal selves for the most part.

I still think they're all Cylons or hybrids.

I'm digging the Fish on CSI. He's no Grissom, but he fits nicely with the cast. I'll keep watch.

Not sure how I feel about SuperLana, but the previews from next week lead me to believe she won't stay that way for long. I hear rumors on the web that Sammy is going to turn evilish before the end of this season of Supernatural. I have a feeling it'll be Dean will save him. I'd hate for it to be Ruby.

*Breaking News* My friend just told me there's a "Book your Valentine Reservations" sign at the White Castle. Really? If ANYONE ever brought me to WC for VDay...just...no.

Back to TV. My brother says I watch too many procedurals. Mentalist, CSI, 11th Hour, SVU, Criminal Minds. He says that all this stuff gets stuck in my head and I'll write about it, but it's been done. He's got a point, but I love a good mystery.

I watched the second episode of Lie to Me. Good stuff. I'll probably catch it over the summer break in full. I like Tim Roth. He's funny.

Here's some cool links for you.

Heroes is back today! YAY! Busy TV night.

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