March 1, 2009

Cleaning and Deleting

I promised a TV update. I know, it's a bit late. I'm feeling kinda lazy lately. Damn cold weather. Still going to the gym though...

Ok. Slight spoilers--cept for LOST. (*See note)
Heroes seems to do well when it focuses on HRG, Noah Bennett. This week was no different. He said it best...he's the gray man. Bad but not a villain, good but not a hero. He's like Lucky. LOVE HIM! The new writing is starting to show. Me like.

24...ah, I so love me some Jack. I really missed him last year. A couple of nice twists I didn't predict, so that's always helpful. And as I twittered, if Agent Walker smacks Jack again, I'm going to hurt her.

Garbage truck knocked my FIOS off the house on Tuesday, but I watched Obama on the PS3...heh, lover unsecured wireless.

Ah, American Idol. How you make me laugh in a not so good way. Though, Norman made me laugh in a great way. I hope he gets more than 15 mins. I can kinda see what AI is doing...they're giving the contestants the big FU. Making some of those cocky bastards really work for it. Most of those people sucked! Man. My brother and I could do better. Two of the three that got through this week deserved it. Kai better bring it at Wild Card. Still love Gokey, but I think Adam will be right there with him.

No Fringe, no mentalist. *sniffle*

Criminal minds rocks. I just found out the chick who plays Garcia is getting married to her girlfriend. Now I can got get Shemar for myself! Yum.

LOST is LOVE. I happen to read the LJ lost_tv post after every episode because I love reading people's instant reactions. (I think it's even funnier after the fact because you've seen the whole thing) A friend of mine and I used to chat during 24. It was fun. Anyway, this week was great. Blew my head. *I won't say more because of spoilers. Have friends in other countries...

I have a couple friends at work who watch Survivor. It's pretty good this season. Always love Jeff, he leaves, I'm done. Don't have any faves yet, though I like the exile island scheme. Might work!

CSI, good. It works with the Fish. No reason to stop watching now. LOL. 11th Hour also good. Like the new addition to the cast. Wonder if it's permanent. No Supernatural or Smallville.

BSG has three more episodes to go. This one kinda tugged at Jenn's heart strings. I love Kara. Feel her pain...want her to have a bit of peace. And poor Chief. Doesn't he feel like a complete douchebag?

By the way, douchebag is the new popular word. I think it must have happened in the last six months or so. I've heard it everywhere...

This week's episode of Dollhouse makes me want to watch another one. That's good. I liked the two BSG guys this episode. heh.

TV done.

I did watch Sicko the other day. Sad, very very sad.

Lucky submission status:
Queries sent: 127
Rejections: 87
Partials requested: 16
Partials rejected: 9

I feel like I should continue to submit. Maybe I put too much faith in myself waiting for the few who are currently reading? Those who still have partials are all people I would love to work with. Top choices on my list. The fact they have my stuff is fantastic. I just wish I had a clue what to do...

I did send a couple of new queries in February. But everyone is getting a ton of them now. I don't want to do more unless I see an open call or change in guidelines. That's probably the best way to do it now...maybe.

I should be writing. I'm not. I know. I have a crap load of ideas and none of them are working. I'm too busy worrying about Lucky, trying to figure out what to do about Tiva. Wondering if I should write another short story, enter a RWA contest, revisit something that's finished and not very good, revamp another finished project into something else...

Blah. This happens from time to time, but I refuse to let this lapse last much longer. Whoa, alliteration... Seriously though, I'll get back to writing. Soon. It's a moral imperative. lol

I did spend some time cleaning up my desktop. Got rid of some crap, deleted a bunch of programs I don't use, moved things around and made things easier to find. Took a while.

I also tried to find a cool frontpage template to make a new webiste, but everything I downloaded didn't work properly. Grr. I don't want to pay someone to make a site for me. I wanna do it!! Not as easy as I thought it would be. Even with the templates. Bleh.

I need to find a good, easy, free program with templates. Any suggestions?

Hope you East Coasters are ready for the snow. Looks like we're really getting it. I'm off to the store, need supplies!


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Snow Yeah!!!!!

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Thanks for the add Jenn! I'm glad you found my blog and hope it is helpful.
You have a great blog too!
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