April 27, 2009

Back to submitting, oh the joy!

My birthday weekend was very nice. Had a little party on Friday, writer's meeting on Saturday, and visited my parents on Sunday. Busy, but that's okay...

Got another rejection this morning. However, it came with feedback. She didn't mention my writing, just the main character. Said Lucky is hard to relate to. Not sure many people can relate to this type of character without reading past chapter three, but since it was a partial, I'll never have that chance with this editor. Ah well. She was very nice and gave me something to think about.

I've decided NOT to wait for the other people to respond and submit to more editors and publishers this week. I'm not sending to any other agents either. Going right for the guts.

The list I have is mid to small publishers. They get first dibs.

If one of them is smart, they'll buy my books. Why? Because I'm willing to do all the hard work it takes to make it in this industry. I've done my homework and know what comes next. Besides, I've written a great story here. It works. It doesn't follow "traditional" romance format and I know I just need to find that one editor who gets it. With some of the new romance books I've seen in the last few months by debut authors, I seriously don't see a problem in someone picking up Lucky. *Positive thoughts, positive thoughts*

Aren't you people tired of paranormal? I sure am and I barely even read the genre.

Sure, fiction is supposed to take you away from reality and into another world but do all those worlds HAVE to involve vampires or demons or psychics or werecreatures or shapeshifters? I TRIED to find some type of supernatural being, creature, whatever, to write about that hasn't been over done and I couldn't find one. So I won't write it. Makes sense right?

Granted, I do want to write in more than one genre in general, but why saturate the market with more books about vampires when there is a crap load of them out already. I know, your answer will be "that's what sells right now."


When I was first introduced to a certain paranormal author, I read her entire back list just so I would be ready for the new release. Granted, I read that new release and haven't picked up another one of her books and probably never will, but at least I read the older stuff too...

I'm assuming other readers do that too with series But if they did, would we need 50 new paranormal vampire/were/shapeshifter books each month? (yes, exaggerating) Doubt it. Just read something older!

Great books and authors are found that way.

Anyway, I'll be making a list of publisher to submit to this week and work on printing copies and getting envelopes ready. Some actually take e-submissions, so I'll probably start with them before the end of the work week. The others have to wait for the weekend.

Fun fun fun.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.


Traci said...

Lots of luck! Don't give up!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Paranormal romance, vampires, werechickens...whatever will probably be dead (pardon the pun) before any stories accepted now make it to being published anyway. Go with your gut, and give 'em hell... and a little luck wouldn't hurt either.