May 22, 2009

Jenn's TV recap!

Hmm, where to start? I was going to do it by which show ended first, but day by day is probably easier. Limited spoilers unless otherwise noted.


Simpson had a good season this year, but as with the last few years, Family Guy beat them by a mile. FG had so many “OMG did they just do that?” moments, come next season I may need a box of depends so I don’t pee myself. American Dad keeps getting better. Roger cracks me up. I hope the new Cleveland show does well, though I have a bad feeling McFarlane is heading into spin-off madness. Be careful!

True Blood starts in June!


Heroes in my opinion didn’t help itself too much with the season ender. Everything up to that point worked for me. I enjoyed watching the tidbits from the first two seasons come to fruition in a different way this season. The writers are shifting it back to where it was that first season, but some of the magic is still gone. I’ll revisit next season, see how the first few episodes do, then…we’ll see.

Gossip Girl is currently my only “teen” show, though I do love the adult dramas as much as the kid’s drama on this show. I picked this show up last summer and loved it from the beginning. Some of the stuff from this season didn’t quite mesh with me, but the majority of it was fantastic. I loved the last couple of episodes most, and still can’t seem to get enough of Chuck Bass. I love his character. The guy who plays him isn’t half-bad either.

24 ah 24. How I love thee. Except for the Kim “I’m gonna run after the baddie without a gun” Bauer and her wacky waving arm flailing-I’m on fire scene, the season finale was fantastic. Rene’s Wild West shootout on the SUV, and going dark? Sweet! Jack seeking forgiveness? Almost brought a tear to my eye. ALMOST, I said! Jack Bauer’s #1 fan does not cry. The show did surprise me quite a few times this season, though I pegged some of the smaller plot points before hand. I did enjoy the way they ended it too, some questions, not to many, and 11 big baddies to go after next season if they want. It’ll be interesting if they bring Tony back. I’m still mad at him, even if he did have a decent reason. Bigger picture Tony, for shame.


Fringe is awesome. Yes, I started watching it because of Josh Jackson. Having met him on the Dawson’s Creek set a million years ago, and seeing how sweet of a guy he is, I wanted to support his new project. The first episode sucked me right in and kept hold all season long. I love all the freaky science-fiction aspects of the show. What I love more is how real they make it all seem. Some of the ideas are very out in the left field, but Walter (John Noble) does such a fantastic job of convincing us that these things ARE real and that the world is on the verge of unleashing more weird-preternatural abilities. I’ve had my own run ins with some weird things over my lifetime, so this stuff still fascinates me. I’ll be back for season two especially after that little scene in the cemetery. Hmm…

Mentalist season finale fell kinda flat. It was OK, they brought back the lingering subplot with the serial killer Red John, but eh, I was kinda hoping for a little more. Over all, this show combines a bit of Psyche with Law and Order and does a great job of making it gel with the humor and seriousness of police work. The cast as a whole works very well together and has great chemistry. Simon Baker is hilarious as Patrick Jane, and it was interesting to see the darker side of him come out during the middle of the season. Season #2 should be even better and I can’t wait for it.

American Idol…I voted for the winner two years in a row!! Granted, I didn’t think Cook was going to win last year because of all the little girl votes for Archie, but I was glad to be wrong. A little bittersweet this year. Adam and Kris were both great. However, Adam will be better off having not won. Now he can make ANY album he wants without being constrained by the AI winner status and be all pop-like. Kris can do pop or even country and he’ll be fine. Adam doing pop, eh, not really. Rock it out baby!

Biggest Loser: I watched on and off, mostly in recaps too, but didn’t even get a chance to watch the finale, but I saw the results after the fact. Still an inspiration to me! I’m almost at my own goal weight!

Dropped Law and Order SVU, sorry Stabler and Benson, I love you guys but repeats it is….


Criminal Minds is still one of my favorite “police procedural” shows. This season they had some crazy people doing some very bad things. Nothing in particular stands out at the moment except for the finale. Other than them kinda stealing an idea that CSI did earlier, it was a very good finale. *Mini Spoiler* OMFG Hotch? No way! Of course, I did see it coming at the very end of the season finale but I didn’t expect the gunshot. That’s not good, he was pointing it right in Hotch’s face. I tried to find rumors or something about Thomas Gibson leaving the show but couldn’t find anything. I’d hate for him to leave, he’s the rock of the team. Loosing Gideon was bad enough, don’t want any more cast changes! (I still want Morgan and Garcia to get together, sorry Xander)

LOST what can I say about you? LOVE! JOY! Time freaking travel! For those of you who may not know, time travel is my #1 favorite science fiction theme ever. EVER! The only recent time travel show/movie I’ve missed was Life on Mars because it conflicted with something else, but it doesn’t even matter, it’s canceled…

Anyway, I have many theories about LOST, some of them fall in line with what everyone else is saying, and since I have a few overseas readers, I won’t give anything away right now. Ex-Roomie and I may go on a binge of LOST in November or December before the last season begins. Find all the little clues; see all the Ah-ha moments. Those are my favorites, the ones that make sense from season one because you saw the recent season. Heh. These writers are smart and good and know exactly how to keep people interested and curious.

I’ve watched a couple episodes of Lie to Me, but can’t commit. Good show, great cast, fun to watch!

Dropped Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone both canceled anyway.


Survivor: JT deserved to win. I didn’t have any doubt. Not a bad season, it was beautiful to watch. Coach was annoying but entertaining. Next season looks *swoon*. I love the landscapes and the scenery shots the most, the game is a very close second, lol. And Jeff Probst is my new favorite blogger.

Smallville ended the season with a bang, something I didn’t think they’d really do, but they did. However, according to sources on the net, said person who got killed isn’t originally who you thought he was…his little brother is! Ha, interesting, and would kinda make sense if you follow Superman lore, there was quite an age difference between the characters…if you know what I mean. If not, I could probably answer, just let me know. Heheh.

Supernatural has really become a fantastic show. The writing is crisp, edgy, and fun. The acting keeps getting better and better, the cast, though most come and go, they certainly have an impact. At first, I wasn’t sure about the whole Angels and Demons thing…but as the show went on it started to make sense and work out rather well. It wasn’t overly religious by any means, rather more mythic in scope. Cass is a great addition to the show, hope he makes it to the next season. And the Jump the Shark episode, though sad, did a great job of not actually jumping the shark. I felt kinda bad for Sam and Dean in that ep. The finale was one of the best shows of the season, but I’m kinda disappointed the Winchester Brothers sorta made nice at the end. Would have liked to see them go at it a little more.

So You Think You Can Dance started last night, what a way to kick off! Some fantastic and inspiring people on this show already. Got a little misty eyed a few times.

Dropped: CSI, 11th Hour the latter was canceled anyway.


Terminator SCC didn’t get the chance it deserved. Working against it was bad time slot and probably high production costs with all the special effects. It’s a shame it got canceled, I thought it was a great show. One of most shocking moments was Derek’s death. I didn’t see it coming. It happened so fast that it took me a while to really process it. Something like that, in a TV show, is not often seen and well, it was awesome. Seeing him in the finale lifted my spirits a bit, then bitch ass FOX had to cancel it. But they kept Dollhouse? Really? Come on!

Did anyone else watch Glee? Yeah, I’m loving it. Music, High School, wacky teachers? What’s not to love? I’ve vowed to keep my new shows to a min next year, but I think this one already wormed it’s way into my heart. Stupid Journey song has been stuck in my head since Tuesday. Whee!

So, what did you watch and totally love this year? Come on, I want to know, tell me!


Amy said...

Great recap! Heroes...ehh. It went down this season. I was really into it, but then it just bombed. So disappointing.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

whoa - great list! now I can delete my tivo queue

Anonymous said...
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