July 28, 2013

Do you really want to be in a Triberr Tribe? YES YOU DO!

I'm all about giving back. While I'm not the best person to ask about editing, I do know Social Media. I've put together this little instruction guide for Triberr and hope you all get some use out of it.

I've included my own personal Tribe, so if you'd like to join, please feel free...but you can find many publishers and other authors on Triberr looking for bloggers to promote.

If you have questions, shoot me an email and Happy Tribe-ing!

Triberr http://triberr.com/ is a blog amplification service that will help get your blog a bigger audience.

First you need a blog and your RSS feed, you can normally find this information in the settings of your blog.

You also need a Twitter or Facebook account. I suggest only using Twitter because when you join a Tribe, you can have up to as many as 50 blogs, and if you approve all posts, you will have 50 posts on your FB page.

After you have your Twitter & Blog information ready, log into Twitter, then go to the Triberr website and click Member Login, then Sign on with Twitter. It will set up automatically, but ask you for an email address too. Twitter will ask you if you want to connect Triberr to Twitter, allow access.

In settings, set up all your information, then click the TRIBAL STREAM. This will direct Triberr how to post your approved feeds. I suggest setting for an hour or more between posts, this will give your Twitter and nice stream of posts throughout the day with only spending two minutes setting it up now. Set up everything else in the section as you see fit.

Then click the My Blog tab. Set up your blog here with the RSS Feed.

My Social networks is where you would link your Twitter and/or Facebook to the Tribe.
Now, find tribes.

You can search for Tribes or use this link to join mine: http://triberr.com/pages/tribe-overview.php?tid=44815 (I just started it, so there may be no one there yet!)

Click FOLLOW. It will then ask you if you want to be promoted to a member, click YES.
At the very TOP of the webpage, you will see the HOME section, this is where you will see all the blogs from all the people in the Tribe. Unless you have a premium account, you will have to approve the posts you want to promote. You do not have to approve all of them if you feel the topic isn’t for your followers, but that is up to you. There is also a settings tab here for you to adjust the timing of your sent posts.

When you log in each day, you will see a list of blogs for your approval. You can also leave comments and messages to people within Triberr.

In the My Posts section, you can see how many times your blog post was sent out and check other stats as well.

You can also see which ones were sent, and resend blogs a second time for more exposure.

The Triberr posts from your blog will look similar to this: Teaser Tuesday with Erin Danzer http://goo.gl/Wj9Ot9  via @jennnixon

When you check your Mentions section in twitter, you will see how many times that post was sent by other Twitter friends. 

It really helps get your name out there!

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