October 14, 2014

Jenn's MiniTV Recap #4

We're almost done with this years season premiers. A few left throughout October and a handful more when Mid-Season comes around. Let's see how it went! Possible spoilers this time!

In no particular order....

Revenge - I'm only still watching this show because I want to know what happens to Victoria. With Conrad out of the picture the show seems to have lost something. But now that David is back, I'm reinvested in Emily.

Selfie - Yes, I watched it. Yes, I knew it was loosely based on My Fair Lady. Yes, I'm a Whovian. Yes, I love John Cho. So how could I not watch this? First two episodes were cute. I chuckled a few times. I'm not digging Eliza's accent and think it would have been better is she talked like her normal self. If I get bored I may keep watching, but I rarely watch comedies these days.

Vampire Diaries - If we could get away without having Elena on this show, I would be a happy girl. I like every single one of her Doppelganger personalities more than Elena. I think I hate her even more now after the memory wipe. Damon is still hot, so that's worth it.

Originals - Klaus needs to just be evil. I don't like him when he's trying to be redeemable. Elijah is hot. He's really the main reason I watch this one.

Flash - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It's fun, it's fast, it's got heart and a fantastic cast with great chemistry. I have nothing bad to say about this show...yet.

Arrow - Great season premier, probably my second fave over all this year. (I'll get to #1) I was shocked but not surprised by the last few mins of the episode, and I really, really, really, love Oliver and Felicity's chemistry. Shame it'll never happen.

Criminal Minds - I'm sure the new chick, yeah yeah, JLH will grow on me. I just don't like when the writers force us to like them by making them buddy buddy with someone on the show so quickly. It never happens like that. lol

The Walking Dead - Best season opener ever! I don't think I've liked any other season premier more than I did this one, seriously, ever. I hope the rest of the episodes keep this awesome momentum going. Wow! And Carol! I love that woman.

What about you? What did you watch and love or watch and hate? Any new shows on your Must See  list now?

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