May 21, 2015

Jenn's TV Recap #4!

Okay, I think this is the last one, right? Probably not, but for now, it's what I've got.

Possible Spoilers ahead!

Let's start with...

Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
Such a great season! Not sure about a few things, like where they're taking Simmons, and why they had to kill Trip, he was awesome! But I love the introduction of the Inhumans, and I had a feeling than Anya Jiaying was going to be bad. Shame, she was a great character to explore a little more. I kinda felt bad for Ward, for a minute, but then I got over it. Hope Cal comes back. Favorite characters will always and forever be May and Coulson.

American Idol (Fox)
Jax should have won. That is all.

Arrow (CW) That's a lot of A's...
I LOVE THIS FREAKING SHOW. Yeah, I am on a Superhero kick, and this is probably #2 but a close #2, I'll get to #1 later. Fave Characters are still Oliver, Dig, and Felicity, though I have to say Thea didn't bother me as much as normal. The fight scenes are some of the best on TV, hands down, and I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching Merlyn on screen.

CSI: Cyber (CBS)
I've given up on all the other CSI, though I will watching the two hour finale send off movie if Grissom comes back! However, nothing else was on, so I decided to watch, because I love the Beek and Bow Wow is so cute and Patricia just won the Oscar, so how could I not? It's more in the vein of Criminal Minds than a normal CSI show, so that probably helped. It also scared the CRAP out of me with what people can do online. Turn off your location people! Don't geo tag your photos! Yikes.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)
I'm in it for for the long haul, apparently. Now that Elena is gone, I'm curious to see where it goes. Her send off was HORRIBLE! I mean, really? A Magical Coma? Bleh. I don't like Enzo. I don't like their mother. I love Alaric and loved At least Jeremy came back to say goodbye. Meh. I'll watch for Damon.

Scandal (ABC)
Oh. My. God. When Eli screamed OLIVIA I had goosebumps. You go girl! Not that I think it'll last and the repercussions are going to be bad. Good on Jake for getting the fuck out. I would have, too. Fitz and Mellie are such an odd pair and honestly, he shouldn't have kicked her out. However, I think she'll do just fine. :-) They need to so something new with Huck, and if they're smart, they'll end next season, but I doubt that'll happen.

Mad Men (AMC)
Weird season. They did the best they could, I guess. I'm glad it's over, it wasn't great the last couple of seasons, I wanted more advertising drama, not people drama. Oh well.

The Flash (CW)
#1 Favorite Superhero Show! TIME TRAVEL!! You will always win me with Time Travel. Joe and Barry are the heart and soul of this show. The special effects are amazing. It's fun and lighthearted and serious and angsty all at the same time. What more could you ask for? A super, Supervillain? Yep, Wells/Thawne was fantastic and I'm so happy they're gonna find a way to bring Tom Cavanaugh back! I didn't really like the last bit after Barry came back from the past, I hope they have a good explanation because they have a lot of paradoxes to untangle.

Survivor (CBS)
I only watched half the season. I just wasn't into it. Glad Mike won, seems like he deserved it.

Supernatural (CW)
I like this season more than last, but I do miss the old school Supernatural. I will say, I am kinda tired of every season ender being about one of the brothers saving the other because of something stupid they did early in the season. As long as Cass and Crowley are back and someone please kill Rowena. Don't like her. At all.

So, that's it.

We have So You Think You Can Dance and Under the Dome coming up soon. I may check out one or two other summer shows, but you know, I should be writing!

How about you? Which Finale did you love, which did you hate?

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