September 21, 2017

Cover Reveal with @MarciBaun!!!

One of my former publisher/editors has a new book coming out. OMG THIS COVER!! It's gorgeous!!

Check out the blurb too:

Created by Nazi experimentation, Adelheid grew up in a remote village in the jungles of Argentina ignorant of her origins. Blonde, blue-eyed, faster and stronger than all of the children in the village set her apart from the natives.

When frightening changes take over her body and she shifts into a wolf, she and her parents must leave the village.

She fears that she will be an outcast, until she meets Friedrich. Everything in her craves him. He is her mate, but she must overcome her fear and choose him…or face a life of solitude.
This is book one of the standalone series Children of the Wild.

#shifters #erotica #SciFi #Argentina 

Just link to my website for now.


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