October 3, 2017

Fall TV Early Previews

I hate to disappoint anyone and I know a few of you love my TV recaps, but I'm just not feeling some of these new shows so far.

I did watch and LOVE The Orville and I checked out The Gifted last night, too. Not sure I'll watch it regularly. Fox has me a little gun shy. They've canceled a bunch of my favorites too early.

A few more shows are on my list but they don't start until later this year or next during the Mid-Season.

Every year I've tried to watch all the pilots. This year, I'm using that time to write. GOOD JENN! Right? lol

It's working. I've written over 400K words so far this year and I'm almost done with the first book in a new SciFi Romance Series.

So what are you watching? Anything new that you love so far?

Can you believe it's October?

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