December 12, 2018

2018 Fall TV Recap - #DoctorWho #TheGoodPlace #ThisIsUs & More

I know, I know, I haven't done any recaps in a while. I won't bore you with the details, it's been a rough year for most of us, so what better way to have fun than to talk about TV stuff?

How about I do this format: TV show, Fave Character(s), Fave Moment, and predictions for next year? That sounds good! I'll cover my favorites that have gone on break.


Let's start with CBS - I don't watch much on this network anymore.

Big Bang Theory
Favorite Character - Amy and Bernadette
Favorite moment - Honestly, it was in the last episode aired when Sheldon got the video of young Sheldon. That moment alone where he said "Thanks, Dad" was great.
Prediction - Raj will get married toward the end or in the finale and one of the couples will move away after a job transfer.

Favorite Character - Hondo's whole team.
Favorite moment - I love the action sequences in this show. It's like Shemar was made for this role. I really liked the SWAT training episodes with Street, and I feel like he earned his stop back on the team.
Prediction - SWAT will stay awesome and do more great character building with the team.


Doctor Who
Favorite Character - Love the whole cast, I'm partial to Graham (I loved him in L&O UK)
Favorite moment - When Ryan called Graham 'grandad' it was too cute.
Predictions - We'll see some old classic villains next season, but it seems like we have to wait another year. Meh.


The Good Place

Favorite Character - Janet
Favorite Moment - Also came in the last episode with all the characters looking like Janet. Wow, that was amazing. The twist at the end was mind blowing and I can't wait for it to come back. It's one of my favorite shows this year.
Predictions - Michael and the gang will make contact with "The Creator" of the Good & Bad Places, who I think will be the boss of The Judge.

This Is Us
Favorite Character - Jack
Favorite Moment - Rebecca singing to Jack after her failed audition. It was a sweet and tender moment and I love when Jack gets emotional. Okay, really I just love man tears. MAN TEARS! LOL
Predictions - Randall and Beth ARE FINE THEY BETTER BE FINE OMG DON'T DO THIS TO ME and he gets elected.

Blindspot (I know I have one more ep to go)
Favorite Character - and Paterson
Favorite moment - Every time the two of them are on screen together. They're fantastic. I don't really like Remi and hope they figure this Zip stuff out soon because I like her better as Jane.
Predictions - Remi will become Jane again and we'll finally find out that Zapata is working deep undercover for Interpol or something crazy like that.

Will & Grace
Favorite Character - Jack
Favorite moment - When he channeled Rosita in front of Karen. lol
Predictions - Will gets a boyfriend.

Agents of SHIELD hasn't come back yet and apparently the only other show I watch there is Shark weird. Moving on!

The CW

Legacies - I honestly tried my best not to watch any new shows, but to me, this is a spin-off, so it's not really new new, right?
Favorite Character - Alaric
Favorite Moment - I loved the pilot, that's probably why I've stuck around. It was funny and touching and a great start to the show.
Prediction - We'll see a couple cameos in the back half of the season and maybe Ric will be happy? LOL Kidding, they'll never let him be happy.

Legends of Tomorrow
Favorite Character - I'm loving the whole cast this year, but for some reason, Mick stands out.
Favorite Moment - When Mike the Spike jumped into the Stein puppet. OMG lol
Predictions - Nate is going to take over his father's job and this show will stay bonkers and my favorite!

Since Elseworlds if the mid-season break for Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, I'm going to watch it again over the weekend and do a proper recap. It's probably my favorite thing on TV this year!!

November 30, 2018

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Cyndra’s growing elemental powers continue to test her bond with Zorin, making it difficult to stay on their mission to save everyone stuck in the mirror. Old friends and new memories help Cyndra come to terms with her traumatic past, but when Zorin is trapped in the very prison he has protected for twenty-five years, Cyndra will sacrifice everything to save him and heal the world.

Crystal Casters: Awakening – Book 1

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November 12, 2018

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October 23, 2018

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October 17, 2018

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