February 24, 2018

Why does everything feel so much harder these days?

 I was better off in my 20s.

I honestly never thought I would say that, but sadly it's true. Everything about my life right now is harder than it was fifteen + years ago, including paying my bills and selling books.

I make more money than I did back in my 20s but comparatively, I'm living paycheck to paychek now whereas I had a big chunk of change in my savings account when I hit 30.

I got laid off right before the recession started and from there, well, it's just harder to get back to where I was before, like many other people hit by the falling economy. Rent seems way more expensive. Food prices are crazy for certain items (usually the healthy stuff). At least gas isn't $4 a gallon anymore. Right?

Complaining is something I try not to do here on my blog, I have twitter for that, LOL, but I know for a fact it's not because I'm working less. If anything, I put in more hour between working, writing, and promoting than I did ten years ago.

Believe me, I know this is a "first world problem" and there are MANY more important things going on in the world right now. I also know I'm in a better place than a lot of other people, which is why I try not to complain. However, writing has always been my way of dealing with my personal issues. I put many of my real life situations into my books to see how characters deal with them, which isn't always how I've dealt with things in the past. It's been interesting to see the differences and I've learned a thing or two about myself, like I usually do when I write.

I've always known how lucky I am to have found writing as my outlet. I hope I can break out of this current funk and get back to it, because I know I have more to say, sometimes I just feel like no one is listening.

Do you feel better or worse off than you did in the past?

What do you do when you need to get something off your mind?

February 19, 2018

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#ThatNewsGuy is my new Contemporary Romance. I'm calling it a #DadBodRomance featuring Reporter Trapper Del rio and Smoothie Nutritionist Jessica Buckley. This is my first non-suspense, non-scifi romance focusing solely on the characters and romance. It's a bit steamier than my other romances, so fair warning! To celebrate the New Release, I'm having a special givaway! Scroll down to enter!
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Everyone has a celebrity crush. What would happen if you met yours?

Taking a chance and making a change after his divorce, Trapper Del Rio signs up for personal training services to get in better shape for his embedded reporting gig with the Army. TFA Fitness Center is known for their discretion, having trained the famous and infamous alike over the years. When he meets the adorable curvy woman working at the Smoothie Bar, who blushes every time their eyes meet, Trapper wants to see where the explosive chemistry may lead.

After making a fool of herself the moment Trapper came up to her bar, Jessica Buckley didn’t believe the hot Latino reporter actually asked her out on a date. With a little prodding from her friends, Jessica risks dating Trapper, only to find him even more interesting off-camera. Jessica carefully navigates the intense feelings building between them, unsure she’s ready to give Trapper her heart, aware he’s going overseas in a few short months.

February 15, 2018

This world makes me sad.

I'm not going to write about the most recent episode of gun violence. Everyone knows what happened. I'm not going to write about all the sexual and domestic violence. Everyone knows what happened.

Still, we let our lawmakers do nothing.

My words may never reach the top where they can make a real difference, but I still put them out there in the world because it's a small thing an artist can do that may change one person's mind one day.

Writing has always been my escape. Writing has allowed me to not be afraid of my thoughts. Writing has given me friendship and love of complete strangers who are touch by my words.

I had a very rough time in High School. I was bullied. My home life wasn't the greatest. I had plenty of friends and family around me who had no idea the truth of my troubles. Why? I honestly don't remember anymore. Maybe I was afraid to speak up. Maybe I thought my life would change too much if I spoke up.

What I do know is that I found a way to deal with my problems. I confided in a few friends and teachers. I turned to writing and reading to get all the awful thoughts out of my head.

Not everyone is as lucky as I was to find a way to deal with all the shit this world piles onto us.

If you see someone hurting, help them up, don't kick them down further.

We are all human.

We all bleed red.

We all need to care, just a little bit more.

February 8, 2018

I know, I've been a bad blogger.

Sorry I haven't posted a TV Blog lately. I've been a little blah the past few months. Something I go through every once in a while. Maybe I have that seasonal depression, who knows. I have my coping methods when this happens, which is good for you because that means I'm either writing or brainstorming.

I finished my first book of 2018 and realized I just need a break. I have at least four projects and a few sequels rolling around in my head, so this year will be busy for me and I can't wait to get back to writing.

I'm a little disappointed with the lack of replies and responses from agents. Many of them aren't even following their own guidelines. This is their job. I don't understand why they just ignore their own rules and expect everyone else to follow them.

Many authors I know either have a full-time job and write and have a family they are responsible for. If they have time to write a query letter to an agent, the least the agent can do is respond. It literally takes two minutes to read the first few lines of a query to see if you have any interest. *Shrug*

So, I'm probably pulling my submissions from agents at the end of the month. The books in question already have a home if I want, so I think I'll go that route for now.

I'm planning a TV blog for early next week.

Are you watching the Olympics?

February 7, 2018