September 10, 2007

Bad Blogger!

I've been a bad blogger. I know. I haven't really been feeling like myself, but there's no reason to rehash my problems, everyone has them, right?

I'll just stick to the happy stuff.

Tiva's first book cover is done. If you're not on my newsletter, you can see it here:

I'm very happy with it. The detail is amazing! The second time around was much, much better! I spoke with my publisher and they are doing one final round of edits before they go to print. So if you're waiting for a review copy, it's coming...I promise!!

I went to a street fair yesterday and met some great authors from New Jersey. It was fun and a great form of networking for me.

I’ll be updating my website this week and figured it was a good time to offer Author Link Swap again. Any free promoting is good promoting, yes? Send a email or respond to here with your website address and I will put it on my website. If you could post mine next time you update, that would be great!

Also, if you're an author and would like to review my book or offer me a blurb before we go to general print, please let me know. I’d offer to do the same in return, however, I’m still new to all this, but I’ve reviewed a few other books from people and they seemed pleased. is always a good place to put reviews, right?

September is here and you all know what that means...NEW TV RETURNS!!!!!! Whee! There are a few shows I'm going to check out.

Private Practice--No, I'm not a Gray's fan, but I am a fan of Tim Daly and Taye Diggs. (HOT!) And both of them have had horrible luck the last few years with TV shows. I hope this one works out for them both this time.

Big Shots--Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott? Put that Titus guy in there and you've got a good show...I hope. I was a SATC fan, and though this is network TV, I'm sure it'll be just as risky and fun.

Pushing Daisies--This looks like a fun show. I"ll check it out just for shits and giggles. Chi McBride is awesome, he gives me hope that other people might give this show a chance. Though, I think the high concept is going to be too much for some people.

New Amsterdam--Okay, so I'm a sucker for Sci-fi shows, we know this. But I have a utter fascination for time travel and immortality. No time travel in this one, but a man with demons who can't die...until he finds the right woman...ugh. My heart...

Bionic Woman--Starbuck from Battlestar will be in the first episode. That'll probably be the only one I watch unless it's realllllly good. We'll see.

K-Ville--It's on opposite Heroes until Jack comes back, so I'm not sure how it will do. However, I do like Anthony Anderson, so it may do well!

Cavemen--Okay, don't laugh. I saw a preview on demand this weekend and it actually looks funny. They're taking the approach of racism and how people are treated when they don't fit the norm. I don't have high hopes for it, but who knows...right?

Dirty Sexy Money-- This is an all star cast of people including Peter Krause (Six feed under) and Donald Sutherland, among others. It looks like it could be a great show...again, we'll see.

Sadly, I'll probably have to give up Criminal Minds this year because Mandy Patankin has left. He was the main reason I watched the show. I love the whole cast, but he was the man.

The other shows still on my list:
Jericho, CSI, Survivor, Heores, 24, Lost, 30 Rock, Law and Order SVU, Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, I think I may be missing some... My poor DVR is going to be nuts this year.

In other news:
I saw Halloween last weekend. I enjoyed it, though it wasn't as good as the original. Is anything ever?

I watched Zathura the other day. It was such a cute movie!! I should have bought it.

Premonition anyone? That movie totally fucked with the whole time travel theory and turned it on it's head. The movie didn't make sense. It...was just wrong. I understand how they can TRY and explain certain things, but they didn't explain enough to make the movie make any real sense. I mean...the first scene in the movie the older daughter didn't have scars on her face and that was supposed to be Wednesday. Then Sandra (forgot her character name) wakes up on Saturday (day of the funeral) and her daughter is scarred from something that happens when she wakes up on Tuesday. WRONG! Granted, they could say SHE made the Tuesday event happen because she saw it's effects later and created the situation on Tuesday, but they didn't SAY that to the viewer. You have to be schooled in Time Travel to figure that out, I guess. LOL.

And what happened to her going to the psycho ward? Did she wake up again AFTER the accident and did those days over again? UGH Annoying!

I just finished reading The Poet by Michael Connelly. I loved it! And I just found out there's a sequel. YAY!

So what are your book/movie/TV plans for this fall?
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