December 4, 2007

Marketing question and updates.

My publisher has asked me to put together a list of online marketing for the launch of the company and books. (Looks like next year now) I have a bunch of ideas and websites to give them, but I'm a noob at this, so I figured who better to help, than my online friends.

The publisher is Science Fiction and Fantasy, they will have a magazine, role playing game, and ten books to start off with. They have a website. It's still set to private. I've made them a Myspace and Facebook accounts so far.

I'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas you'd like to share. Thanks in advanced!


I finished and won the NaNo writing things and haven't touched the damn manuscript since. I'll get back to it today. It's a decent idea, but I know I've written better things. Not to worry. I'll complete it and see what happens with it later. I need to start focusing on Lucky now.

I'd really love to get Lucky into one of the bigger publishers. I think it has enough for everyone. My two biggest problems are 1. What do I label it? and 2. Writing a great query.

The label isn't such a big deal I guess. The manuscript has aspects of a thriller, a mystery, and a relationship (NOT a typical romance story) between two of the characters, as well as a family relationship between Lucky, her uncle and cousin. Fiction would cover it all, but that doesn't make it sound marketable does it?

The query. Ah the query. I haven't made another attempt at writing one yet, since I was finishing up NaNo, but I've been thinking about it constantly. I keep thinking, if I can't write a decent query, does that mean I'm not a good writer?

Sure, I've had friends and family tell me I'm great. I've had strangers comment on things I've posted online who loved my work. I was able to land a publisher for my Tiva books, without an agent. They haven't sent the books out for review yet, so I really don't have an idea what the reading public thinks of the book or my writing. I usually could care less what other people think about me, but the same isn't true about what I write. I do care what people think in that regard. Not necessarily if they like the story, rather the way I write.

It's the one aspect of my life right now where I feel like acceptance is the only way to know the truth. And to be honest, I don't like it. Heh.

I know I could go back to one of those POD or ebook only publishers for some of my older work, just to get my name out there, but I know the quality isn't anywhere near what I'm writing now. It would be silly for me to publish older-crappier novels right after Tiva comes out, right?

Bleh. I have a couple more months to figure this all out before I have to make yet another change in my life. Not looking forward to it. For once, I just wish I knew what I was meant to do and be...

I might be back later to talk pop culture. Haven't done that in a while either.

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