February 26, 2009

Top Ten Reasons why You, Agent/Editor should take a chance on me! (humor)

Dear Agent/Editor,

Here's a little list on why you should represent/buy my books....

10. I write my own query letter, synopsis, bio, and novel.

Recently, I've read on blogs that there are services that will write a query or synopsis for you! UGH! First of all, I've spend HOURS researching the "Hows" and "Whys" of the query and synopsis. Then after learning what works and what doesn't, spent more hours writing, re-writing, reviewing, seeking feedback, and re-writing again. Are mine perfect? Nope, but I think they're good. So far, I've sent out at least 20+ partials based on a solid, well thought out query.

You need to summarize your story. Period. There is no way around it.

9. I know how to network, online and off.

Yes, writing is a solitary endeavor, but you need people to be successful. You need readers, author friends, reviewers, editors and agents and you need to know how to talk to them--network style.

At the NJRWA Conference, I ran around giving water to all the authors who were signing books at the fair. Will they all remember me? Probably not, but some did and we've become social network friends on places like facebook and myspace.

It's not all about facetime either. Lots of networking is done online. Have you twittered lately?

8. I belong to writers groups.

This sorta goes along with the networking, however, writers groups do more than just help you meet people. They can teach you how to write. They can help you with your problems. They can help you with the market as well. Sometimes they have inside knowledge. Not to mention the workshops and technical help they offer.

Writers love to talk about writing. They usually love talking about books too. Joining groups was the best thing I ever did. Wish I would have done it sooner!

7. I read agent/editor blogs...yes, probably yours!

It's hard to be trendy. In the publishing biz, Editors and Agents usually have the best buzz on what the next trend will be. After all, they are selling/representing the books. (Remember Steampunk? It's coming. Zombies are next!) While they may not always predict the trend, they see what's coming across their desk. Listen to them. You may just have something from 10 years ago that didn't sell but will now. You never know!

6. I love to read books too.

Granted, recently not as much as I would like to, but I definitely read more than I write. It only takes a day or two to devour a good book, but months and years to write them. If you want other people to read your books, you should read too.

5. I follow guidelines.

Go to any Editor or Agent blog and you'll usually find guidelines. Do what they say. Seriously. Nothing gets a quicker rejection than someone who doesn't pay attention to detail.

4. I know how to meet deadlines.

This comes from years of working in Customer Service. If you have problems remember when things are due, make yourself reminders in an online calendar. Most email services have them.

3. I have a website.

Sorry, in this day and age, you need a website. It doesn't have to be fancy. Heck it could even just be a blog, but have a presence online. Make sure you have a bio. Make sure you tell the website visitor what you do and write. Shout to the world that you're here and not stoping until you're published. Every writer should have a website!

2. I blog.

My blogs are a mix of pop culture and writing. Some people write about their lives, pets, families. Some of my favorite writers don't have blogs and I wish they did. The ones that do more often than not have a huge following! You don't need to have a blog to be a writer, but it shows the world that you write because it's in your blood, not because you just want to be on the NY Times Bestsellers’ list.

1. I write.

Obvious, I know. Then again, this was supposed to be funny and helpful. I know you write!

Now go, have fun. It's almost Friday.


Unknown said...

Well you've convinced me. If only that meant anything.

Morgan Mandel said...

Well, I don't see why if you did all those things, it wouldn't work. Good luck.

Morgan Mandel

Renee Rocco said...

Hi Jenn,

Great post. #5 was particularly impressive. I believe I actually gave you a standing ovation. Seriously.

Thank you for following our blog and for having such a spectacular outlook on writing. Best of luck with your career!

- Renee

Jenn Nixon said...

Thanks for commenting everyone! My biggest day yet on blogger. LOL

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how so many people don;t know how to follow guidelines? I mean, they are spelled out for you right there in black and white (or chartreuse and white depending on the font color used).

I think it's a great sign that you have sent out partials based on your queries. Hopefully you are on the short road to success.