March 5, 2009

Spring...please come soon.

I think the winter depression is over. I know I gained about five pounds this week. Blah. No worries, back on track straight away!

I've been watching #queryfail on Twitter today. Good stuff. I don't know how to feed by twitter or link the section. Sorry. But it was fun. I have to walk away soon, otherwise I'll sit there all night.

I am happy to say that I've never done one of those things the agents/editors mentioned today. I know my query works. The story isn't everyone's cup of tea, and that's probably why I'm having such a problem with it. It's dark. It has a romance. It's got lots of death and blood. It's based in reality. If Lucky was a shapeshifter, I probably would have sold it already.

Anyway, I heard back from one editor. No. Bleh. Still have a few out there. I've received some great feedback that I need to take into consideration. I might not change much because everything in the first book is important, but I need to make sure everything works. Lucky 2 and 3 still need a polish too.

I believe we change the clocks this weekend. Hope it gets warm too. I want to take my doggies out for a walk! Been hibernating too long.

And I need to search for my social life. I think I lost it. I've been so focused on writing the last year, my social life consists of emails/phone calls with friends, the occasional get together, facebook, and writers group meetings. Which is about the only time I'm hanging out with people for any length of time outside work.

Yeah, winter needs to go away.

I'm going to see the Watchmen this weekend with ex-roomie and probably my brother. Having not been a reader of the graphic novel, I'm going in blind. From what I've read though, they stayed very true to the original material. That's good. I like when director/producers respect the work. Good form. I hope the movie is as good as it looks already...

Not sure what else is up for the weekend. I probably won't be writing. I haven't all. Obsessing about stuff already written and not sold. I can't help it. Soon though. It's coming...the muse is starting to speak to me again.
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