October 16, 2009

Out from hiding. Hi!

Yes, yes, I know. MIA Jenn has finally posted something! Quick recap for those who care…

Me and my guy have been together for seven months now. I recently lost my job, looking for another. AND I’m still not writing.

No ideas. Nada, zip. It sucks because I really need to move on and focus on something new, but there’s so much going on it’s hard to concentrate. Excuses, I know…but I usually only write when I have ideas. I’ve even gone back to old ideas to see if something would spark and I still have nothing.

Something will come to me, eventually. For now, I have to write something and since my other favorite topic is TV so let me get right to it.

I promised myself I wouldn’t pick up any new shows (after already breaking that promise by getting wooed by Glee last TV season), well I lied. Again. Flash Forward. ‘Nuff said right? I mean who could blame me. First, it’s a JJ show, points there already. Second, it’s time-travelish, which automatically puts it in the Sci-Fi category. Not to mention the awesome cast and character story lines. I’m a big fan. Love the big plot, but I’m not sure how long they can carry on with it.

Okay, not that I got the new show out of the way, start on Sunday? Sure!

Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad are up to par this season. I like the Cleveland Show so far, hope they keep it up.

I’m digging Heroes too, it’s getting juicy again, but I hope they don’t follow the same dried out plots again, that’ll ruin everything. Oh, and Darth Maul is a neat addition. I want to see him fight again, damn it. Gossip Girl still has it’s hooks in me. It’s Chuck Bass, I swear. I can’t get enough of him. Next week is going to be fantastic.

SYTYCD should have the best season ever this year. The talent is outrageous. I have a few faves picked already! Boo about Mia leaving if it’s true, she’s my favorite choreographer. I’m doing the Super Super fast version of Biggest Loser, mainly watch the challenges and weigh ins. Hate Tracey, love Shay. Hope she goes far.

Glee is my favorite new show. I love it to pieces. Criminal Minds is addictive. Three stations are playing reruns and I’ve been watching them constantly! The new ones are awesome as always. I only have one problem with that show, they refuse to let Morgan and Garcia get together. Grrr.

Thursday is the big night. Supernatural and Fringe are extra creepy/funny so far this year. This weeks Sup had me rolling. The Mentalist is fantastic as always, and Survivor has been intriguing to say the least. Interesting people this year.

I’m a little behind on Smallville right now, but so far so good. Will be interesting to see what direction they take it and if this will be the rumored last season. I think it may be time to say goodbye, but I’m still down for a Justice League spin off!

My guy wants to watch V. Since I kinda force him to watch the majority of my shows, I figure I should watch something he wants to check out. Good thing he likes most of my shows too, how lucky am I? He draws the line at Gossip Girl and I can’t say I blame him. LOL.

So, other than looking for work, not writing, and watching TV, I’m trying to stay busy. Went horseback riding a few weeks back, did well for only my second time on a horse. Visited my mother and nephew, won a few bucks at the casino.

Also, I’m helping my trainer with some pictures and stuff for her social networking. PLUG! You should check her out on Facebook and/or Twitter @onestepbody. She’s awesome and has helped me lose 70lbs since mid last year!

The winter is here, so I have to be extra good and unlazy. Not working certainly won’t help, but I’m staying positive. Things happen for a reason, right? Despite the few recent rejections I’ve received from queries, this might be the time when something happens for me. One never knows, but one door closes, another opens. Least that’s what people say. I’ve got my fingers crossed and if you happen to be one of those “lucky” people, send some my way if you can. :-)


Helen Ginger said...

Here's an idea to perhaps stimulate your writing ideas. Since you're watching so much TV, keep a notepad handy and, for each show, jot down a line to remind yourself what it was about that episode that intrigued you, or made you laugh, or was something you'd never thought of, or was a wonderful twist in the storyline. After just a few weeks, you'll have lots of ideas or techniques you could apply to your own writing.

Straight From Hel

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Cara North said...

Have you thought about joining a blog team?
Writing the blog counts as writing.
What kind of ideas are you looking for? To write fiction, non-fiction, bouncing things off other people always help me. I also will go out to eat alone sometimes and listen in on people around me. It is amazing how many ideas are right in your earshot. :)