February 8, 2011

Rolling with the good news!

I'm super excited to say that two of my spicy novellas Wild & Wicked and Chance of a Storm have been picked up by Tease Publishing!

It seems I still can't write a short story without my brain over thinking and creating more plot then needed, but I'm happy they've both found a great home!

I enjoyed writing them, and enjoy re-reading them even more, and for me, it was a great learning experience. The urgency of writing something suspenseful and short seemed to work very well. Maybe there is some shorts in me somewhere.

I hope to post the book covers soon. I'm really excited to see them!

And who knows, maybe I'll have a print book to bring to NY Comic Con this year!


Cherie Reich said...


Terri Talley Venters said...

Awesome news Jenn! As my sons would say, "Raise the Roof."

Eric said...

Congratulations. That's awesome news. And I really like the new look (not sure when you did it, but it's cool).