February 15, 2011

TV Post...Yep, They're Baaaackkkk....

I know many of you have missed my keen observations into the TV world. :-) No, I haven't stopped watching or even lowered the number of shows I watch. It's grown, actually. It's insane, really, but I know I wouldn't watch this much if I didn't have my DVR.

Let's start with Sunday, my cartoon night. It still rocks. I'm not really into the Burger show, but American Dad is finally playing to its strengths, Roger and Steve. Whenever they are front and center, the show is great! I still dislike Stan, but he's growing on me. Simpsons has been funnier than normal recently, and that's good because it was getting kinda...eh. Cleveland show still has my interests and of course, Family Guy is tops!

My guilty pleasure of Gossip Girl is still going strong. Mostly, I love the places they hold their parties and setting my eyes on Chuck and Nate. So cute.

I'm a couple episodes behind on The Cape. It's actually better than I thought it was going to be and helped give me a few ideas for one of my own characters.

Hawaii 5-0 is my favorite new cop show on TV. Doesn't hurt that Alex O'Laughlin is super hot. The whole cast is fantastic! Still love the fact that Grace Park is revamping all these guy roles! My dad would've loved this show. He watched the original. I'm sure it would have been our substitution for 24.

I've seen a few episodes of Harry's Law. It's funny!

Pawn Stars is awesome as always. If you haven't watched it and like History or Antiques, you should watch it. For real.

Glee can do no wrong in my eyes. Even when it does a Brittney Spears episode. Though, I am NOT looking forward to the Bieber episode.

No Ordinary Family is your answer to missing Heroes. It's fantastic! Autumn Reeser is AMAZINGLY FUNNY! She's every geek boys dream girl!

I'm still keeping up on Biggest Loser too. Keeps me grounded and stops me from eating a bag of chips during the show. LOL


American Idol has kept my interest. I really dig the new panel and the talent is outrageous. I've already picked out about 7 people to make it to the finals. I even picked a top boy and girl. If they make it to the Semi-Round, I shall tell you who they are if you want to know. :-)

Criminal Minds has survived without JJ, but I still miss her character. I'm looking forward to the Spin-Off, but I don't have high expectations at this point. As long as Garcia is in it, I'll watch. For a little while at least. Of course if they brought Morgan with her, it'd be a no-brainer. *sigh* Shemar Moore is so freaking hot.

I started watching L&O SVU again. I missed it, glad to have Benson & Stabler back.

Big Bang Theory. Fantastic. Love the addition of Bernadette (Summer from True Blood) she's hilarious!

Shit My Dad Says. I started watching it because, well, who doesn't love The Shat? I continued to watch it because parts of his personality reminds me of my father. It's finally found its legs and a nice comic rhythm between the characters. The brother and sister-in-law (I don't know their names, sorry), really hold the show together.

Since Weds and Friday are my new Thursdays, it's opened up CSI for me again. It's still not the same without Grissom, but he's coming back for an episode!

The Mentalist. Love it. 'Nuff said.

I'm not really sure how it happened, but I started watching a bunch of Lawyer shows again. Like the Defenders and L&O UK. One is serious, the other is more silly, but they are both awesome shows.

Fringe is OMG. It's my favorite Sci-Fi show on TV right now! I can't say ever, because there are so many good ones out there, but it's in the top ten, definitely. Every time you think the story line is corny or overdone, BAM!, they slap with a twist that you never saw coming. Fantastic.

I caught up on Smallville yesterday. Squee! What an awesome finale season they are having! Jonathan appeared in a flashback, Lionel came back from a different universe, Martha showed up again, Lex (the original actor) is coming back! Clark has the suit. He's almost ready to fly. He has the glasses for his "disguise". Superman is almost here! I'm actually very sad this show is ending. 10 Years! I really hope they do a Justice League spin off or something.

Supernatural has done well this season. It's got the early season vibe back again. I have a feeling it's building again to another huge plot and climax, I hope they can pull it off without the original creator on board.

Various other shows:

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. I'm convinced this show is for chicks. Do any guys even watch it?

Chase: It's not bad. I like the supporting cast more than Annie, but after her kidnap episode, which helped me tremendously with a short story I was working on, I have to give props to her. She's growing on me.

Ancient Aliens: Got picked up for another season! So excited!! Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is super hilarious. I'm following him on FB and Twitter.

Decoded: I'm not thrilled with the show because they really don't give you much of a conclusion at the end, but that's the History Channel for you. It's not bad, some of the shows taught me things about History that I didn't know and that's always fun.

Undercover Boss (when time permits) All I will say: I love when men cry. LOVE IT!


I think that's it.

Oh no, it's not, but I really can't tell you about the Nickelodeon show I've been watching. It's a super duper guilty pleasure. Shh. It's a secret. Sibuna!

What are you watching that you love? Tell me about it.


Cherie Reich said...

Hehe, we watch a lot of the same shows. I'm really looking forward to this season of Survivor. One show you didn't mention that I love is Bones. I've read all of Kathy Reichs books, except the most recent one (two if you count the YA one). It's fun.

Jenn Nixon said...

I wanted to watch it, but it conflicted with another show. I've seen a few episodes! Have the first season on DVD, that an Dexter too.