May 14, 2011

We Have Winners...who are Winning!

I want to say thank you to everyone who followed me on my blog tour the last ten days! It was a lot of hard work, but I very much appreciate the help and support from my host bloggers and everyone who commented!

With the help of my bro, two random winners were picked from all the comments and our two winners are Sal and Vikki!

Wild & Wicked is on their way via email to the lucky winners!  Sad you didn't win? I know, you totally should be...but don't worry! I'll have bigger and better contests coming in July and later this year so stay tuned!

Again, thanks for supporting me!


Cherie Reich said...

Congrats to the winners!

I finished reading my copy yesterday. It was great. Review forthcoming. :)

Jenn Nixon said...

Thanks Cherie! I'm SO glad you liked it!