October 14, 2011

Friday Fun! I'm crazy for TV.

I haven't blogged about TV in a while. There are SO many great new shows out there. Let's see if you agree with me!

Gossip Girl - Lots of 20-Something Soap-Opera type drama. Cute boys! B+
Terra Nova - Watched the first two so far. It's interesting and looks amazing, not sure if I'll keep with it. B
Sing Off - I watched last summer. LOVE this show. Some of the groups are outstanding! A
The Playboy Club - Yep, canceled already. *sigh*
Hawaii 5-O - Great action, amazing banter, hot guys & Locke. A
Castle - Yep, I'm finally caught up, sorta, missed a few eps from Season 3. I love the one liners & puns A+

Biggest Loser - I will always watch this show as long as its on and Bob is there. Season is going well. B
Glee - I'm still waiting for the Glee Project winners. So far, not very impressed. C
Ringer - Watched the first ep, it was good, just didn't dazzle me enough to keep watching. B-
New Girl - Zooey is hilarious, it's finding it's footing. B
Unforgettable - One of my new early faves (so far), she's like Reid from CM on crack. B+

Survivor - Coach! Ozzy! Russell's Nephew! Jeff! Only thing missing is Colby, because he's hot. A
X Factor - Simon! Crazy Paula! Fake Randy! That other chick! Okay, it's a bad AI clone, but there are some amazing singers on this show! B-
Criminal Minds - JJ is back! Prentis is alive! Hotch had a beard? Morgan is so damn hot! A-
Law & Order SVU - Watched 2 eps, deleted this weeks, meh. Not the same without Stabler. C

Big Bang Theory - If this show got any funnier, it would be Family Guy. A
Secret Circle - Charmed meets 90210 with better plots and dialogue. Dekker is so cute. B+
Person of Interest - Ben & Jesus use numbers & lists on the island (of Manhattan) to save people. Fun. B
The Mentalist - I will figure out who Red John is. I swear. B+
Prime Suspect - Tough Cop Chick takes on the boys club in Homicide. Bello is a trip. B

Supernatural - I will watch to the bitter end. Castiel better come back. Love Crowley. A
Fringe - John Noble deserves an Emmy. He's spectacular. I found Peter. He's locked in my closet! A
Strike Back - 24 on Super Crack. This show is fucking awesome! A+

Simpsons - Ditto on the bitter end. This season so far is better than many from last. B-
Cleveland Show - Still going strong. B
Family Guy - The first 5 mins of this show always seems to have me peeing in my pants. A+
American Dad - Rogercentric gets me every time. B+
Against the Wall - Think it's almost over, but I really enjoy this show. Worth watching. B

Late Starts & Midseason Shows
Can't wait:
Walking Dead A+
American Idol B
Covert Affairs B+

Will check out:

What are you watching? Have a suggestion? I'm all ears!


Christine Rains said...

I missed out on Monday's Terra Nova because of the baseball game. I loved the pilot but not so much The Birds, I mean, pterodactyls episode. I'll keep watching it, though. I love Glee and I'm a secret Survivor fanatic. Russell's nephew drives me nuts! I watch Modern Family on Wednesdays. It's hilarious. I love The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural as well. Castiel will come back. He has to!

C D Meetens said...

Currently, I'm watching "True Blood" season 3 (which is only just airing on a channel I can get over here, despite the fact you've already had season 4 *sigh*). I'm also watching a British series starring Martin Clunes - "Doc Martin", which always makes me laugh :). Oh, and "Smallville". Only a couple of weeks until the final episode. I'm part-excited, part-depressed. It's been one of my favourite series over the last three years (season 7 wasn't so good, in my opinion).

I am eagerly awaiting the return of "Bones" to see what direction the producers will take the series in this season.

Jenn Nixon said...

@Christine I love Modern Family, have to catch it on DVD!

@CD You will LOVE True Blood & Smallville!! I haven't checkd out Martin Clunes, but I watched Doctor Who and loved it!