June 15, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

I had a lot of fun last week so I figure, why not. Let's do it again.

Here are some more Fun Facts about me!

#1. I love music. I have a very hard time being still when there is music on. I'm always tapping my foot and shoulder shaking while standing in line if there's a good song playing.  You can often see me seat dancing while driving or playing air drums at the stop light. I often hear music in my head when there is none and will dance if I feel the need. I also love singing silly songs to my dogs.

#2 Back in the mid 1990's, I was a telemarketer. I was damn good too. Anyway, at one point, probably right before I left the place, I knew every zipcode and phone exchange in NJ. Remember, this was before cell phones. (But I had a beeper!) I still remember some of them. My home town, of course: 862 and 925 were the originals, now there's like ten 474, 523, 717 bah.

#3 I. HATE. SPIDERS. I once pulled over on Wood Ave. in Linden and jumped out of the car because of a spider. I've screamed from my brother (from across the house) just so he could get rid of the spider for me. I've never watched any of those spider movies. Sometimes, if the spider is really creepy or stays on the TV too long, I still have to look away. I won't even put up a picture because then I'll have to look at it. Ick.

#4 The first real piece of writing that I finished from beginning to end was a Star Wars Fan Fiction based on the Jedi Apprentice Series. If you really dig on the internet I think you can still find it on a forum or something. The story wasn't half bad, and I've actually taken some of the names and characters from that piece and used them in other works. I will admit, I was super proud of myself for finishing something and it helped me to see how much I loved to write. I haven't stopped since.
#5 When I was in High School, I read every single play and sonnet by Shakespeare. I thought it was cool that we shared the same birthday, and I enjoyed reading Hamlet. So, my wonderful English teachers from 11th & 12th grades gave me access to the book room! I was more into English writers than American back then. I recently watched Anonymous, and I have to say, it's very convincing. You should check it out if you're a fan.


Lindsey R. Loucks said...

I HATE spiders, too! The weird sideways crawly thing they do is just wrong. To help me deal with this phobia, I actually wrote about them in The Grave Winner. It didn't really help me overcome my fear, but it did feel good to make the spiders the bad guys. Would writing about it help you?

Jenn Nixon said...

I haven't actually thought about that. Writing might be fun to do. I've tried to let them crawl on me to get over it, but that didn't last long. I'm better than I used to be. They still creep me out!