July 18, 2012

When rejections get you down...

I was picked to send Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian to a publisher as part of a contest I sorta won. Super excited, I sent it out same day I won.

I had high hopes.

They were shot down quickly.

Poor Tiva.

She started off as a character for a role playing game. Then I wrote a short story. I liked it.

That short story, and all the cool stuff I did in the role play with Tiva eventually created an EPIC story of her life from birth to death.

The first publisher that "wanted" it, took out the prologue (death), made me change my three 100K books to two 145K books, made me a pretty awesome cover...but alas it went no where.

Now, almost 10 years later, I'm still shopping it around.

I'm getting tired of being rejected on this project.

Then I go online and read stories about other authors getting hundreds of rejections for novels that eventually went onto be super awesome best sellers.

Tiva could be a best seller. It would make one hell of a movie. And I can honestly see the franchise in my head. It's as big as Harry Potter because you know what, Tiva is pretty damn awesome.

So, if you happen to know any Sci-Fi publishers who would be interested in the following, please, please let me know :-)

Royal Guardian Tiva Boon struggles to uncover the traitorous group who used her to provoke a war, destroyed her family, and left her for dead in an unknown and dangerous part of the universe.

While achieving her ambition to become the first female elite Royal Guardian, Tiva Boon exposes a conspiracy threatening the king’s life. During her first official mission, Tiva attempts to find the conspirators, but war erupts between the Kingdom of Abennelp and the traitorous rebels. The Rebels force the king and his protectors to flee the planet in an experimental spacecraft. As they orbit the planet, an alien ship attacks the king’s vessel. Tiva witnesses the ruthless killing of everyone she loves as her damaged escape pod travels away from her homeworld. Adrift and alone, her pod crash-lands on a nearby planet. Tiva seeks asylum with the Union, a universal security force and uses her skills as a Guardian to integrate into the strange society. Tiva attempts to put the past behind her, however an unexpected message from Abennelp alerts her that the conflict at home continues. As the last Royal Guardian alive, the people beg her to return and restore order to their beleaguered world.

Before Tiva makes the decision to return home, war between the Union and a powerful enemy called the Triune Syndicate spreads across the universe. Messages from Abennelp become more urgent. Tiva is torn between returning to the people she left behind and those she must protect within the Union. After an unknown craft lands on her planet, Tiva, with the blessing and help of her new friends, departs for home. Those loyal to the fallen king rally behind Tiva, willing to risk their lives to recapture control of the kingdom. As her two worlds collide, the answers Tiva has searched for her entire life rekindles her attempt to bring peace to her people.


Lindsey R. Loucks said...

I'm sorry. :( But if you believe in your work, someone else will too. I assume you've tried CMP? Etopia Press? Entangled? MuseItUp? Even self-publishing?

Good luck!

Jenn Nixon said...

I've tried most of those, not all yet. I'll will check them out.

Thanks for the tips, Lindsey, much appreciated!!

Christine Rains said...

I'm sorry. That's rough. I was going to suggest some of the same publishers as Lindsey did. I'm also curious if you considered self-publishing.

I can sympathize with you. I have one manuscript that I think is fantastic, and though there's been bites, no one's picked it up yet. It's frustrating and depressing, but I know we just have to keep on trying.

Jenn Nixon said...

I may go indie/self, Christine, when I make some money on the other books. LOL I love this project so much, I would want to do it right. Professional Edit and cover and publicity. Otherwise it's just another book in a huge list of indie books. Plus, I need some readers first, I'm a newbie still! LOL

Louann Carroll said...

You should run it by Crescent Moon before indie. They do Sci-fi and just announced they will be doing more than paranormal.At least I remember that from somewhere, but then again...

Just a thought.

Jenn Nixon said...

Louann, I did send it to Steph. She said she had to many in the same style right now, but I may go back after these last few places I sent to respond! Thanks!!