December 17, 2013

Mid-Season TV Jenn Style

Here it is!!

I know some of you have been waiting AGES for it, right? Okay, maybe not...

I'm going to do a new format this time around and see how you like it.


How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Characters - Marshall and Lilly. They really need their own spin off. They have one of the greatest marriages I've ever seen on TV, it's honest and real with ups and downs like people in reality.

Why I'm still watching - It's a fun show and I'm always a sucker for a romance subplot.

Stand out scene this season - Lilly and The Mother on the train.

Sleepy Hollow
Favorite Characters - Duh, Abbie and Icabod. I AM NOT A SHIPPER! I think they have wonderful chemistry together and really make the show pop, but they do not need to be romantically involved!! I am loving all the fish out of water moments with Icabod and I can't wait for more John Noble (and introduction of Victor Garber!!)

Why I'm still watching - I love a good mystery and this show is fast paced and fast to explain certain parts of the plot all the while adding more mythology on top! It also isn't a traditional procedural cop show, which is a nice change of pace for me.

Stand out scene this season - Hard to pick one, but I love the scene in the jail cell between Abbie and Icabod in the first episode.

Favorite Characters - Castle and Alexis. I love the relationship between the two of them, yes, even more than him and Beckett.

Why I'm still watching - I have to admit I thought I would hate this show when they got together but they have avoided the traps and I'm still invested.

Stand out scene this season - The entire time travel episode was great. They need to do more wacky ones like that.

Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Characters - Vincent and JT, yeah yeah, I know, I know, it should be Cat and Vincent, but I like Vincent's new darker direction and JT's crush on Tess is cute and totally workable. I like Gabe, too, but that has more to do with Sendhil than anything else.

Why I'm still watching - They dropped the procedural element and are more focused on the characters and outside forces. It's still a romance at it's core, so I'll stick with it especially to see how many more times they can stick Kristin (Cat) in the hospital.

Stand out scene this season - Vincent ripping out a dude's heart. Yeah that was bad ass.

Favorite Characters - Red. He's great, the perfect villain with a heart.

Why I'm still watching - Unlike most viewers I don't really care who Lizzie's father is, I just love watching the good guys cave to the bad guy because he knows more than they do. And I love how he usually leaves them hanging to go do shit on his own and save the day.

Stand out scene this season - The cabin where he rescues Lizzie. Damn.


Favorite Characters - Coulson and May. Their back and forth is one of the funniest on TV right now, it's so subtle and genuine for a Sci-Fi show, and it helps to keep the whole show grounded in "reality".

Why I'm still watching - See above.

Stand out scene this season - May kicking ass with the Berserker Staff. (FYI she's 50 people, 50! Gorgeous!)

The Originals 
Favorite Characters - Elijah and Rebekah. I honestly didn't think I'd make it past one or two episodes of this show because Klaus really annoys me sometimes. He's good, he's bad, he's EVIL, he's good, he's SUPER FREAKING BAD ASS, then he's a jerk again. He's got 1000 years of bipolar to deal with, but thank goodness for his siblings. They make the show for me. And Elijah cuts his hair and becomes super hot. Didn't see that one coming.

Why I'm still watching - I'm interested in seeing where this Vamp, Wolf, Witch war is going to go.

Stand out scene this season - Elijah in the church killing peeps. Yeah, that was awesome.

Favorite Characters - Castiel and Ezekiel. We all love Sam and Dean, but what a fantastic job by Jared when he changed over the Ezekiel (who isn't really Ezekiel but whatever). I love Cass. He was interesting as an Angel. He was hilarious as a Human.

Why I'm still watching - I'd be pretty stupid to stop watching now after 8 years. Damn.

Stand out scene this season - Any scene where Cass was working in the convenience store.

Person of Interest
Favorite Characters - Carter (RIP) and Bear (the dog).  While Ben and Jesus do make a great team and I still enjoy them, I don't really like Shaw.

Why I'm still watching - I'm not sure I will be now that Carter is gone.

Stand out scene this season - When Carter threatened the rookie and set him up with the gun to get him to work for her.


Favorite Characters - Ollie, Diggle and Felicity. This trio is one of the my favorites on TV right now. I look forward to this show every week.

Why I'm still watching - This show keeps getting better each week, even when they kill off characters I like. RIP Shado.

Stand out scene this season - I'm torn between Malcolm's return and Sara's reunion with her father. Great shit.

Tomorrow People
Favorite Characters - Russell and Jedikiah. I love Russell as the comic relief and Jedikiah is becoming a very interesting and complex character as of the last few episodes. The main three players are good too, but these two stand out for me.

Why I'm still watching - I'm interested to see where this show goes and what they plan on doing with Jedikiah's character.

Stand out scene this season - The club scene trap was pretty cool.

Criminal Minds
Favorite Characters - Duh, Garcia and Morgan.

Why I'm still watching - Garcia and Morgan.

Stand out scene this season - Anything with Garcia and Morgan.


The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Characters - Sheldon and Bernadette. I'm so glad the girls are on this show, while I do love Amy and Penny, Bernie has stolen the spotlight for much of this season. She's fantastic.

Why I'm still watching - Nerds!

Stand out scene this season - Howard's song for Bernadette hands down. Watch here:

Vampire Diaries
Favorite Characters - Damon and Caroline. Damon is hot and Caroline is funny.

Why I'm still watching - I really don't know, it's a decent show but not much ever happens except people dying or turning into supernatural beings but it's fun and mindless.

Stand out scene this season - Bonnie's "funeral" when Tyler shows up. Then he fucks everything up and ditches Caroline. Grrr.

Favorite Characters - Bash and Mary. The cast, as a whole, is pretty decent. I do find the King and Queen to be rather intriguing as well, many layers, many possiblities.

Why I'm still watching - I'm a sucker for a period piece and while it may be historically inaccurate, it's fun to watch and it's not as heart-wrenching as Game of Thrones.

Stand out scene this season - Kenna and the King in the first episode. HOT!

Favorite Characters - Olivia and Huck. Each character has something about them that I love but these two are my favorites together and separately.

Why I'm still watching - I thought they jumped the shark with Mama Pope, but they've still got me, hook, line and sinker.

Stand out scene this season - Gosh there are so many to pick from. Mama Pope chewing her wrists? (Gag) Fitz and Olivia in Vermont? James fucking with Cyrus' head? Fitz's Dad and Millie!!??!! Huck licking Baby Huck? Can't chose just one.


Didn't watch Grimm yet and Dracula just started, so not much going on here...


Once Upon A Time
Favorite Characters - Hook and Pan. That's the spin off they should have done. Wonderland bored me to tears.

Why I'm still watching - Who doesn't love a happy ending, and being a Disney show based on Fairytales is bound to have on in the end, right? RIGHT??

Stand out scene this season - Ariel in Storybrooke. Perfection.

The Walking Dead
Favorite Characters - Darryl and Maggie. I would have picked Hershel or Carol but one is dead and who know if the other is coming back.

Why I'm still watching - I enjoy the slow burn and character development of shows. I don't need action action action all the time. While the Governor-Centric episodes were kinda annoying, I'm glad they did bring him back for some closure, that finale was crazy!

Stand out scene this season - Either Darryl's animal-like angry head-rub with Bob or the little girl shooting the chick between the eyes in the finale. Awesome.

Favorite Characters - Victoria and Conrad. They are soap villainy at its best.

Why I'm still watching - I'd like to see Emily get her revenge but I don't have high hopes after the finale and the sneak peak of her AMNESIA in the next half of the season. Really? That may be TOO soapy for me.

Stand out scene this season - Victoria stealing the art gallery from her "friend". Classic.

The Mentalist
Favorite Characters - Jane and Cho. They should have a spin off, too.

Why I'm still watching - I needed to know who Red John was, and FYI I was right, but not because I really figured it out, was an educated guess. LOL I did watch the first Post-RJ episode and I do like what's happening so far. We'll see what the future holds.

Stand out scene this season - The part where Van Pelt and Rigsby didn't die but instead got married with no Red Wedding-ness. Whew.

And before we say good-bye, a moment for all the characters gone this TV Season. Debra Morgan (Dexter), Kevin Tran (Supernatural), Detective Joss Carter (Persons of Interest), Shado (Arrow), Hershel (The Walking Dead).

Honorable mentions for being resurrected: Bonnie (Vampire Diaries) and Brian (Family Guy)

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