January 19, 2014

The Empty Hearse Recap #SherlockLives!

The highly anticipated series three of Sherlock is here. What an episode! It had laughs, heartfelt moments, and if you paid attention, lots of clues. If you haven't watched...SPOILERS!

The Empty Hearse

"It’s a trick, a magic trick." Yep, it certainly was, wasn’t it? Suspenseful music queue…Sherlock is on the roof, recapping The Reichenbach Fall finale. Then the soundtrack kicks up (really loved this instrumental) and we see Moriarty being transformed into Sherlock. Watson yells. Sherlock falls. Molly is watching out a window? Slow-mo into Sherlock plummeting to the ground with a bungee cord(!) on, like an angel, he spreads his arms, makes a perfect Cumberbatch face and is hauled back up. In an action star kinda way, he spins, crashes through the window where Molly is standing. Lands. Unclips. Re-Sherlockifies. KISSES MOLLY! The homeless network moves Sheriarty to the scene. A famous UK hypnotist takes care of Watson to buy time as Sherlock heads off into the sunset. Wow. Best opening ever. Didn’t you love the look on Molly’s face? Makes me wonder if that kiss was improvised, she really makes that scene pop for me.


This is just one of Anderson’s many theories. He’s responsible for The Empty Hearse club, he also still feels guilty for Sherlock’s death. But as Lestrade says, it won’t bring him back…even though the whole world knows Richard Brook was really Moriarty and a superbad guy…or will it?

Poor Watson, he’s still a sad sack without Sherlock. Visiting his grave close to the two-year anniversary, he’s got a stash and frown, but also some company. We all know who it is…but we don’t get to see her yet.

“Someone” is running through the forest being chased by some very scary people, he’s trapped and caught. Next, we see a chained caveman being beaten to a pulp. After a quick deduction, the caveman is left alone with a uniformed officer who we soon learn to be Mycroft. He tells Cavelock that he’s needed back in London, there’s an underground terrorist network planning an attack.


John heads to Baker Street.

Sherlock cleans up and explains where he’s been through a conversation with his brother. Their exchange is interesting. I love when Sherlock gets mad. Yum. Mycroft shows his distastes for people and his overwhelming intelligence, learning a new language in two hours. Maybe he is the smarter Holmes?

Mrs. Hudson digs into Watson. Mocks his stash. Watson apologizes.

Sherlock promises his brother he’ll take the case, asks about John…

Watson goes back to the apartment, has another conversation with Mrs. Hudson, telling her he’s getting engaged…to a woman. I’m not sure why they made her act so out of sorts, he had like four girlfriends so far!

Sherlock decides he wants to surprise Watson at Baker Street but he’s moved on, Mycroft says. Sherlock doesn’t understand why…but he finds out where Watson will be, says he’ll pop by, and asks for his coat. He puts it on. Sherlock is back! A beautiful scene on the roof, overlooking London transitions into the funniest scene of the episode.

Sherlock’s deduction skills are still spot on. He makes his way into the restaurant, disguises himself in a rather hilarious manner, and takes Watson’s order with a French accent, trying to expose his identify, but Watson’s not paying attention.

“Surprise me.”

“Certainly endeavoring to, sir.”


Watson takes out his ring and we finally get to see Mary. Adorable. He begins his little speech, flubs it perfectly, but eventually gets his point across, just as Sherlock reappears with the wine. Love the look on Mary’s face. Then, Sherlock reveals himself. Watson, of course, is shocked beyond words. The lack of response softens Sherlock for a second and you can see he actually realizes this was a bad way to do it. Mary knows who it is. They have a little exchange, he takes off his fakestash, ribbing into Watson’s. Martin Freeman’s performance here is Emmy worthy, he delivers the perfect facial expressions and little grunts and brief statements to really make you feel what he’s feeling at the moment. Sensational.

Then of course, Sherlock is Sherlock. FIGHT! OMG HAHAHA!

At a slightly less posh restaurant, Sherlock begins to reveal how he faked his death but Watson wants to know why. Why Sherlock kept it from him. When Watson learns that 25 of the homeless network knew, he goes after Sherlock again. LOL

Now, we’re at a takeaway restaurant, and Sherlock gets on about the stash again saying Mary hates it, too, enraging Watson into another heated argument about his reappearance. Sherlock asks for his help with the terrorist plot, eggs him on again and gets head-butted leaving him with a bloody nose and sympathetic Mary, who says she’ll talk him around. Sherlock reads her, revealing some interesting information before she heads off with Watson. Watson’s pissed. Mary likes Sherlock. I instantly like Mary. I have a bad feeling they’re gonna kill her.

Sherlock reveals himself to Molly and Lestrade and of course a screaming Mrs. Hudson, the game is on!

We're back on the roof, but oh, what? Um…Sherlock and Moriarty are on the roof holding a fake Sherlock dummy, which they tossed over the side. The pair laugh, look at each other, lean in and…. What the fu…

Anderson freaks out at the goth girl’s theory, which she claims is just as plausible…then the BBC announces that #SherlockLives!

At home, in bed, Mary reads from Watson’s blog, digs into him about the stash and going to see Sherlock. They are so cute together. Now I’m really scared. (PS. They did make the T-Shirt)

Sherlock is back on the case, sends his homeless network into action watching his markers.

Watson goes to work.

Mycroft pays his brother a visit to check in…while playing Operation? Ha. They have a conversation about friends. I do love the way they interact with each other. Sherlock wants Mycroft to play deductions. Big brother wants nothing to do with it but like his little brother can’t help himself. The back and forth deductions about the hat’s owner is great, but what I find interesting is how Sherlock acts like he missed something knowing full well who the hat belongs to. This shows a great ease of manipulation on Sherlock’s part. Then Sherlock lures his brother into the point of the deduction. Mycroft needs some friends, too.

Back to work.

A cute interchange of scenes here between Watson’s new, boring life, and Sherlock working the case, inviting and working with Molly, flip back to Watson mistaking an old man for Sherlock then to Lestrade taking Sherlock and Molly to a crime scene, which after some delusions and deductions is revealed to be a fake.

Sherlock and Molly visit with the hat wearing tube worker. He spotted something bizarre on the CCTV footage. A man gets into the last car, and vanishes before the next stop. Sherlock recognizes the man on the video as one of his markers and goes to his “mind palace” to sort out the clues.

Watson heads to Baker Street, but before he makes it, he’s drugged and kidnapped.

Sherlock realizes the tube ride took twice as long, another important clue. He thanks Molly for her help in faking his death knowing she's not into the investigating work. She’s also engaged. He congratulates her. Kisses her cheek and heads out alone.

Watson wakes up somewhere dark, he’s bound and covered. Uh oh. Mary gets a text message, heads to Sherlock’s, tells him she got a code. She can read code? Sherlock cracks the code and they rush out to save John. Bonfires are being lit around town for Guy Fawkes Night and Watson is under one. Sherlock and Mary, on motorcycle, get there just in time.

An older lady rambles on about what at first seems like a case, but turns out to be Sherlock’s parents! Fun. (BC’s real parents by the way.) Watson interrupts and Sherlock uses it as the perfect excuse to get rid of them. Watson notices how ordinary they are….lol. They get into it a little, talk about the stash, and Watson asks if his kidnapping has anything to do with the terrorist attack. Sherlock draws Watson into the investigation, going over the wall of knowledge, picking apart the clues, which as usual, helps our detective put the pieces together. It’s the Underground itself. Seven cars are in the video when the man steps into the tube, six arrive at the next station. Sherlock knew the ride took twice as long, so a car was detached and left on the tracks somewhere in the Underground. He connects it to Watson’s abduction and the date, and they work with hat boy to figure out where the car could possibly be…and uncover an unused tube station near parliament.

They rush to the Underground to find the bomb, break into a utility tunnel, Watson wants to call the police, Sherlock stops him. Eventually they make it to the car, get inside, Sherlock realizes the whole car is laced with explosives, and finds the detonator. As they debate what to do, the bad guy activates the bomb. “Use your mind palace!” Tehehe.

Great scene here but Sherlock comes up empty. He checks out the device frantically, um…a little too frantically? Then apologizes to Watson, asking for forgiveness. The timer ticks down. He thinks it a trick, but he eventually does say he forgives him. Then he takes a breath, ready to die by bomb….


Sherlock talks to a camera about his plan. Everything is revealed…everything comes together…. Sherlock believes Moriarty is dead, the plan set in motion on spot via a codeword to Mycroft. John is kept in place, the homeless network is ready. The conversation happens. "It’s just a trick, a magic trick." He jumps, falls into a movie-stunt airbag and like clockwork, everything is moved so Watson only sees what Sherlock wants him to. Molly is watching. Watson moves. Sherlock lands. Molly dumps the fake body. Watson is hit. Body and Sherlock switch. Then some window dressing and the squash ball, of course…and there you have it! Or…do you? Anderson is disappointed, but Sherlock elaborates and fills in some holes. It’s funny, and it works for me. I’m good.

Sherlock then digs into Anderson about the fake crime scene he, Molly and Lestrade were on earlier but lets him off the hook. Giggle.


Back to the tube car. Watson is ready to die. Sherlock starts laughing. He found the switch on the bomb earlier. And he called the police.

“I’m definitely going to kill you.”

“Oh, please killing me, that’s so two years ago.”

The bad guy is arrested. Mycroft tries to recruit Sherlock to take over at Les Mis. Press is waiting outside Baker Street. In the living room, Mary, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade are talking about the wedding. Molly shows up with Tomlock, her Sherlock-cloned boyfriend. Everyone notices, says nothing. Is it just me or does it seem like Lestrade is crushing on Molly?

Outside the flat, Watson wants to know why he was kidnapped. Sherlock’s unsure. He heads downstairs, puts on his cape coat. Watson asks how he did it. Sherlock doesn’t quite answer. They have a moment and finally, they’re back. Sherlock dons his deerstalker, goes outside, and talks to the press.

But wait, we fade out then in on a dusty looking collection of books, statues, antiques and other items. A man sits in front of screens, watching the rescue of Watson from the bonfire. Mary’s scream of “John” and Sherlock removing Watson is played on a loop as the villain looks on.

I have to say my favorite part is the opening scene and the reunion, but more great scenes are coming up and it's one hell of a ride.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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