March 31, 2014

Interview with Cover Model Angelina Cavanaugh

Today's Special Guest is cover model Angelina Cavanaugh. You've seen her around. Trust me! 

Enjoy and Comment!

1. How did you get involved in cover modeling?

I got involved with cover modeling by Gods good grace! Taria Reed actually found me and thought I was a great fit for the industry. She believed in me when I didn't, and it all just took off from there. I haven't looked back...

2. Do you enjoy dressing up in different time period costumes or do you prefer contemporary?

I really like dressing up because you have the chance to take on a character in a sense. You can use your personality to get good photos and it gives me good practice in case I ever decide to dabble in acting. You have to imagine yourself being a totally different person each time. Contemporary is amazing, but I like taking on characters.

3. I won't ask which is your favorite cover, but what types are your favorite to see as a finish product?

I really love seeing the action/adventure covers or the uber sexy ones! The action ones are so much fun and i can hardly ever wait to see what a creative mind is going to do with them, The sexy covers...well, I grew up a tomboy. I was never really girly or had confidence to be looked at as a "sexy" person. Big hair, glasses up until high school, not your model type at all..But when I see these sexy covers it blows me away to see how far I have come and how much confidence I have gained over time. I'm very proud.

4. If you could be on the cover of any author past or present whose cover would you want to be on?

I am a very big fan of Anne Rice....I grew up reading a lot of her books and always wanted to be one of her characters *giggity* I know she doesn't really use models on her covers, but I would probably lose my mind if it were ever possible. Being a part of this industry has broadened my tastes immensely! There are so many authors, yourself included, who have blown me away with their stories, even when I am not on their covers and I am blessed to be on this path.

You can see Angelina on my novel Lucky's Break coming soon!! 

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Taylor Bara said...

Great interview! have a look here for more!