May 21, 2014

Jenn's TV Recap Finale #StephenAmell #MandyPatinkin

What a freaking season, huh? I doubt I covered everything I watch, but these are the shows that most of my friends and readers talk about, so I hope you enjoy Part 3 of my TV recap!

Criminal Minds (CBS)

Why I started watching: I have a fascination with serial killers. I've also loved Mandy Patinkin since my parents brought home the album to Evita in 1979. He played Che. I sang to him and that album all the time as a kid. I'm still kinda bummed Gideon is gone, but I love that show never lets you forget him as they mention him at least once a season.

What did I think of this season? It's one of the cop  procedurals that I continue to watch since they often change it up here and there. We got to see a little more of the BAU teams personal life this year, so that was nice. Morgan has a girlfriend. Garcia has a boyfriend. They won't be getting together. *Sniffle* Nothing else major sticks out right now, probably because the finale was meh for me. I'll miss Alex, but I enjoy their cliffhanger finales a bit more.

Will I watch next season? Undoubtedly.

Arrow (CW)
Why I started watching: I have to admit, I didn't want to watch this show. I was PISSED that Justin Hartley didn't get the job of Oliver Queen. However, I will also admit when I am wrong. I was SO wrong. Stephen Amell is a great Ollie and a super hot Arrow. 

What did I think of this season? Keeps getting better. I love this show. LOVE IT! Yes, I'm a geeky fangirl so it was probably a no-brainer that I'd like this show. I didn't think I'd love it this much. Of course it helps when they hire amazing supporting cast. Three former Doctor Who actors, three former Spartacus actors, a Fringe guy, SUMMER GLAU!...oh and so many more I don't have the space. LOL! 

Dig and Felicity are the perfect companions for our hero. I can't see the show without either of them now.  The stakes were high this season and man did the show deliver. I was not expecting a few things that happened which is always nice. The finale was the icing on the cake and had one of my favorite fight scenes ever between Flashback Island Slade and Ollie inter-cut with present day Deathstroke and Arrow.  So nice I watched it thrice. :-)

Will I watch next season? Yes, yes, yes!

The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Why I started watching: My Bestie and I started watching this on Netflix after season 1 finished. And I like Boone Ian.

What did I think of this season? Well, Elena was less whiny this year, so that automatically made it better. I don't understand all the Bonnie/Jeremy hate, I think they are kinda cute together. While I did enjoy the mythology behind the Augustine society and liked the addition of Enzo, I'm really tired of everyone dying and coming a back to life on all these shows, this one is the worst of them all. LOL 

Will I watch next season? Probably, unless something else better is on at the same time, because I don't really need to know who Elena ends up with at this point. 

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Why I started watching: My mother bo
ught me season 1 on DVD and forced me to watch it on Christmas. True Story, ask her.

What did I think of this season? Loved it!! What stands out most for me is the breaking the crew up into new relationships, like Sheldon and Howard, who probably got the most laughs, though Amy and Howard were also very fun together. I like that they are doing more character building instead of keeping everyone in "in their place". 

Will I watch next season? Until the final bang.

Reign (CW)

Why I started watching: If you haven't noticed, I'm a sucker for CW shows. As long as I have a minor interest in it, I'll watch. 

What did I think of this season? I actually love this show. Henry and Catherine are hilariously evil together and separately. The King of Crazy and Queen of Poison alone make the show worth watching. LOL While I do know they have taken may liberties with the actual facts behind Queen Mary and Dauphin Frances, some of the history is true and interesting to say the least. The costumes are gorgeous, as is the scenery.

Will I watch next season? Probably, again, unless something better is on at the same time. It's not a must watch live, but worth it to catch if you like period piece gossipy type dramas. 

Elementary (CBS) Why I started watching: Cop-Mystery show with a version of Sherlock Holmes, I had to at least check it out. Oh, and I love Lucy Liubot.

What did I think of this season? Good. Worth watching if you like these types of show, and I do, especially when they change it up and make it less formulmatic, which Elementary does. I loved their version of Mycroft and will be sad to see him go.

Will I watch next season? Again, probably. 

Supernatural (CW)

Why I started watching: My BFF told me to, so I did.

What did I think of this season? Better than a couple of the last few seasons since Kripke left. While I do miss the monster of the week episodes, I'm a big mythology girl, so I dig the Men of Letters thing and love how they sprinkle bits and piece of that around. Crowley and Cass are a great addition, taking over for some of the awesome cast we've lost in the past like Bobby and Ellen. Human-ish Crowley and PopCulture Cass are hilarious, we need more of that.  I hope they are regulars next year.

Will I watch next season? Yes, 9 years in, I ain't quitting now.

Only a few more shows are still on, not really worth going I hope you've enjoy this seasons TV Recap, Jenn Style. I'll try to come up with a newer format for this fall! 

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