September 3, 2014

Jenn's 2014 Summer TV Recap

Wow did the summer just zoom by or what?

2014 wasn't the best year for Summer TV by any stretch of the imagination, but it had a few surprises for me.

Let's see what you think...

True Blood (Final Season) HBO

True Meh is more like it. I have no idea what the hell happened to the writing this season. Maybe the writers were just as annoyed with last season as we were and decided to see how many people they could piss off with their final season? I'm trying very hard to think of something, anything that sticks out for me now. Hmm. The Eric flashbacks and bits in Texas were good/funny. That's really all I have. Wow, it really did suck if I can't remember anything else good about it three weeks later. Shame.

The Leftovers (1st Season) HBO

I watched the first episode and didn't care enough to watch anymore. Just didn't grab me for some reason.

The Last Ship (1st Season) TNT

I'm a sucker for a good virus story, Outbreak, 28 Days Later, World War Z, etc, and it doesn't have to be a Zombie virus either, which it was not on The Last Ship. First off, great cast. Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Rhona Mirta (You know, the chick who kinda looks like Beckinsale and was also in the Underwold movies) and a couple guys I didn't previously know, Charles Parnell, John Pyper-Ferguson. (FYI I was a fan of Dane when he was on Charmed. I did/do not watch Greys. Sorry.) So, anyway, the navy sends  Dane's crew to the arctic with Fakeinsale without telling them much. We know she's a Doctor working on a cure for a virus. While they are away, things on the mainlands around the world get bad, very bad. You know the rest for the most part, they are The Last Ship. Only THEY can provide the cure. What will they do? Everything you don't expect. After watching Helix on SyFy I wasn't sure I'd really take to another virus story, but man this show sold me. It was fast and suspenseful every single episode and kept me on my toes. Highly recommended.

Suits (Season 3)

Wow. Just. Wow. The end of the season hit a home run. I still miss some of the smaller week by week cases they used to do in Season 1, but with everything that happened this season, I'll cut them some slack. Louis got some meaty stories this season and I do love him behind the sorta-antagonist, but I'm not sure I like ultra-scary Louis. He's better as a sly evilish villain that mean and nasty one.

Rising Star (1st Season) ABC

I lasted about 25 mins. Not worth my time.

Extant (1st Season) NBC

Also watched the first episode of this and didn't make it to episode two. So weird for me. I mean it's Sci-Fi and Halle. Maybe I'll try again.

Outlander (1st Season) Starz

It's only three episodes in, so I don't have a solid opinion of it yet, but I'm sticking with it.

Covert Affairs (Season 4?)

Is it just me or is Annie becoming a worse spy? I dunno, just seemed like a weird season. Eyal is coming back in the winter, that's probably the only thing keeping me interested at the moment. I do like McQuaid, so they'll probably kill him off.

Rizzoli & Isles (Season 5)

I love Angie Harmon. I even watched Woman's Murder Club because she was in it. Ugh. I've been a Bruce McGill fan for a while now, too, and I'm very happy to see him in a role as opposed to a guest spot. I enjoy the characters on this show. It's a fun procedural show. Nothing too heavy. I like the banter. Not to thrilled with cliffhanger season finales, that's so 80's, but whatever, I'm sticking with it.

So You Think You Can Dance (Season 11)

Yes, 11 Seasons! I've been watching since Day 1. This season has been pretty good. I think I liked last season more because the All-Stars had a week where they did the choreography with the contestant. The majority of those dances that week were amazing. They didn't do that this year, so I was a bit sad, but overall great season, awesome dancers, fun guest judges, except for miss prissy ballerina girl. The performance finale is on tonight, and I'm honestly not sure who will win, but I think it's between Ricky and Jessica.

Defiance (Season 2)

I'm not sure how many people are watching this show, but it's SO good, I wish I had more friends who watched it so we could talk about it. The two hour finale amazed me in good and bad ways. The characters are probably the best formed characters I've seen on a SciFi show in a very long time. They are layered and damaged and so real, it's almost like watching a SciFi version of Scandal. Several times during the last episode I kept saying to myself, "They're not going to do that...are they really going to do that....omg they just did that?" When I'm that surprised, I know I'm watching something special.

Under the Dome (Season 2)

I know there are a few more episodes to go, but I figured I'd just throw in my two cents so far. The first 5 episodes were so boring, the last 5 have been decent and the last two have really ramped up the plot, pacing, and the tension, so I hope the last three are the best of the bunch, though, I'm keeping my expectations low. Still, Barbie is cute, so that's something.

What were your favorite shows this season? What do you think will get the ax?

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