September 24, 2014

Jenn's Tuesday mini-TV Recap!

Day two of TV Premier week!

I watched Scorpion and Under the Dome from Monday. I thought Scorpion was decent, may be a fun show to keep up with. Dome, meh, the last few minutes were interesting and I would really love some answers seeing as they are different from the book, but, meh. Good thing it's a summer show.

Tuesday's show -

Forever - Episode 2 was good. It still feels like I'm watching New Amsterdam. Ioan is fun to watch and I love Judd Hirsh, so I'll keep watching for now.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - The team is back! Sorta. Love Triplett on the team! Not sure I like the new direction they are going with Coluson being director, but I'll give it a chance. No spoilers but they better fix the Fitz-Simmons situation stat!

I recorded NCISNOLA to check out and ended up deleting Utopia. I'll just read recaps or something, I'm sure it'll be canceled soon.

Tonight's watch is Survivor and not much else, so I'll be back Friday. :-)

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