December 4, 2015

Mid-Season TV Recap #1

There are a few shows still on this month so I'm guessing there will be a part two. :-)

Lots of great TV this season, so far, and a ton to look forward to next year...already. WOW.

Possible Spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

Scandal - The last episode wasn't as "scandalous" as previous ones, but it was controversial and I stayed far, far away from the comment sections around the internet. They did a few more Fix of the Week episode this season, so that helps. This show is best when all the main characters are firing on all cylinders. I think I'm finally over Fitz and Olivia. They are the dumbest couple ever.

How To Get Away With Murder - Well, I didn't see that coming. Bonnie has gone full crazy. Perhaps it's the way they reveal information, but I do love the flashbacks in these episodes. I'm loving Ollie and Connor's relationship, it's wonderfully done by the writers and actors. I'm kinda interesting in seeing more of Annalise and Jean Grey Eve because I think her and Nate are just toxic. More Frank too, please.

Castle - Like most fans out there, I hated this stupid storyline they used to break up Castle and Beckett. It's like they want us to like her and then hate her, rinse and repeat once per season. Meh. I'm over it. This show can work without her, easily proven by the Espo, Ryan, and Castle episode they did in November. It worked perfectly well without her. I am looking forward to learning more about Castle's "time away", the first part of it was very interesting.


Heroes - As a super fan of the first show, of course, I had to watch this one. I firmly believe that these shows are best watched in binge format if you want to get the full scope of the story. The last few episodes right before the break were fantastic, and, as usual for Heroes, tied up 90% of the story lines into one big mess that needs an Olivia Pope style fix. Very happy to see HRG and Hiro back. I need to know what's going on with Matt. I'm not happy with his character right now. LOL

Blindspot - That was a great finale twist, wasn't it? Makes me almost want to go back and watch the first half of the season again, but I can't get all LOST crazy on another show with all these kinds of puzzles and clues and stuff, it's just too much. I'm enjoying this show for many reason, mostly Jaime Alexander. She's so pretty and interesting to watch and I love that she really does kick ass like a normal non-superpowered person. I'm not sure I'm feeling the shipping with her and Weller, but we'll see what happens.

Blacklist - If this show killed off everyone except Red and Dembe, it would still be worth watching. They had some great guest stars so far this year and I'm enjoying the cat and mouse hunt that's going on. Not too happy with where Liz's character is going and why she still loves Tom but I'm invested, so I'll watch until it is no more.


Gotham - This season is so much better than last mostly because they stopped doing a Villian of the Week type story and went to a continuing bad guy story with the amazing James Frain of "Watch how fast I can text motherfucker" fame. (He was really great in Agent Carter too) While Gordon may be slowly losing his mind, Bruce if finally growing a pair, thanks to Alfred and Selina. The three of them have great scenes together, which they did more, but we know this isn't really a Batman show, rather focuses on the city and people who live there as a whole. More scenes with Penguin and Riddler too, please.

Empire - WTF? If that wasn't Anika, I'll be very surprised, and happily because I was yelling at the screen this week. This season dipped a second toe into Soap Opera land, especially with the music that they're playing at the end of some scenes right before the commercials. LOL. I don't mind the soapiness but liked it a bit more first season when it was gritty and raw. Still, the music is fantastic, the actors are great, and Howard and Henson are one of the best non-couple on TV.

Minority Report - I have a feeling it has been or will be canceled soon, but that's really a shame. It wasn't as good as Almost Human but it got better and better as the episodes went on. The actor playing Dash nailed the fish out of water character and I enjoyed watching him. The finale was fantastic. I've got my fingers crossed but not counting on a season 2.


Scorpion - While several of the episodes were over the top silly, I really like the cast of this show and most of the stories they do are still mysteries, but don't usually involve dead bodies. It's a nice change of pace, for sure. The last episode with Megan killed me, it was so tense and sad, but I'm sticking around for the long haul on this one.


The Walking Dead - He's ALIVE! Very relieved about that but knowing they cast Negan does not bode well for our favorite moral compass Glenn. This was a crazy first half of the season. The pacing was great...until the Morgan episode, which on its own was very good, but kinda boring considering everything else that was technically going on in the "present". Is it horrible of me to want to kill half the kids on this show? I know doom and gloom is expected on this show, but I like all the little hopeful moments the characters have on occasion.

I watched many new pilots this season too, Into the Badlands, Limitless, Rosewood, The Player. With the exception of The Player they were all decent but not enough to make me want to go back and watch more. I may revisit some of them in the future if they get a season 2.

So, what new show did you pick up this year? Which is your favorite? I'll have part two in a couple of weeks when the rest of my shows go on break. And before you know it...Christmas! Hope you started your shopping. :-)

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