April 24, 2016

TV Season Finales - 1st Edition

If you visit here, even occasionally, you'll know that I really love TV. In fact, there is SO much TV these days, I can't even keep up anymore. Friends and family have tried and tried to get me to watch this show or that show, but really, there is no TIME!

However, I do have several shows I always watch, and a few I picked up over winter break. I never blogged about them and now that Tax Season is over, I have a minute to breathe. So, here we go.

Potential Spoilers Below.

You are warned.


No get out of jail free card, this time, Mike. I can't believe they went there. I mean, they had no choice really, to keep it believable, but I have no idea where they are going with this. To see Jessica, Louis, and Harvey working scraps next season could be fun, but I miss court time with Mike and Harvey. Some of the best parts of this show were the strange cases and how they won them. I hope they go back to that eventually.

They killed HRG. I'm done with this show. Don't bother coming back. The mini-series had some moments, but overall it was meh. Keep the memory of the original--even as bad as it ended. The twist with Claire was kinda interested, still didn't save this mini-show.

Despite the cheap shot at the end, the season, overall, was pretty spectacular. I think some of the characters made really bad choices - Looking at you Carol and Daryl - others seemed to have their heads back on straight - Rick and Sasha and Morgan - however, I think our gang got a little too cocky in their Alexandrian security and man will they pay for it next season. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing. I can't wait to see what he's gonna do. Although, I really hope it's not Glenn.

Did they really end with an alien cliffhanger? Yep, yep they did. My favorite parts of this mini-series was the overall alien story. I didn't mind the two or three filler episodes, a couple were very X-Filey so it worked, but I think they missed the mark by not making it one big story. I loved the mini-Mulder and Scully team who showed up toward the end. Hope they come back if there's another season.

No word on this show being renewed and I don't think the ratings did very well, but I love Agent Carter. She's tough, she's sassy, she's classy, and she and Jarvis make that show superb. Their chemistry and comradery is off the charts. I like how the show subtly ties it to the larger Marvel Universe while keeping its story self-contained. MORE PLEASE!

I'm glad this is a short season show. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I binged watched the last three episodes because I was bored with earlier shows, but the end hooked me, so I do want to know what happened, but I think once I learn that, I may be done. Those characters are crazy and not really in a fun way.

This show is so fun and funny, I don't know why more people didn't watch it. Probably for the same reason I don't watch shows people ask me to, I guess. No time! The songs this season were hilarious and it was nice to see some of the side characters get a chance to shine (Vinnie Jones!) Doubt they'll have another season, but it's a short show, so they may do it.

Did you watch any of these, or other shows? Which is your favorite? Which one are you giving up on? Tell me! I'd loved to know.

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