June 28, 2016

Cover Reveal: MIND: The Reckoning (Bk3)

It's here!! The blurb and cover reveal for MIND: The Reckoning, book three of the MIND series out this October! If you haven't read book two yet, there may be a little bit of a spoiler here so read the blurb at your own risk!!

What do you think?

Baldwin Bates has only wanted one thing since joining MIND, to take care of his friends and keep them all safe. While the MIND team is busy dealing with an emergence of psychic and alien activity, Bates takes his first solo assignment searching for a woman who claims to see the future, only to botch it up and let her get away.  

After helping to destroy an alien device called the Transcender, Lexa Quinn wakes from a two-week coma a very different person than she was before. While her abilities grow stronger, her feelings for Bates begin to interfere with the MIND team's mission putting everyone at risk. Secrets from her past threaten the present and future, forcing Lexa to decide who she is and where she belongs.

When a powerful, ancient enemy lays claim to the Earth and brings his judgment upon the population, Bates, Lexa, and the entire MIND team must do whatever it takes to save the human race before the reckoning is complete.

Need to catch up? Books 1 & 2 are only $2.99!
MIND: The Beginning (Bk1) amzn.com/B017M3IJM8
MIND: The Emergence (Bk2) amzn.com/B01E056ANQ

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