August 29, 2016

10 Things I learned watching the #Superman cartoon.

Things I learned watching #Superman the animated series.

1. No one says thank you to Supes except Lois and Jimmy.

2. ALL of the buildings (but only when someone falls) are like 10,000 stories high.

3. Superman doesn't know how to use a door. At all.

4. Lois does some dumb shit and makes bad choices.

5. Brainiac and Darksied really should be in the DC Movies.

6. Most of the stories in the cartoon are better than all of the DC Movies.

7. No one in Metropolis should be able to get insurance and if they do, it must be REALLY freaking expensive.

8. Superman doesn't learn from his mistakes fast enough.

9. Can he breathe in space or not? Make up your mind DC.

10. Superman would be so awesome as Batman.

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