September 3, 2017

99c Sales & September News!

Back to school - Back to work!

Can you believe September is already here? Well, to help soften the blow a little, if your kids are heading back to school or you're going back to work, I've included an awesome 99¢ Sale on two of my Bestsellers and a Sneak Peek at my latest steamy Contemporary Romance "That News Guy'. Hope you all have a great September! <3

September News!

I did a calculation on the number of words I've written since the beginning of the year. Not including this weekend, I hit 322,000 words over four books! That's probably the length of the next Game of Thrones book. Did you see that finale by the way? WOW!! That was crazy, huh?
Of those four books one was MIND: The Fracture (12/17), two were my SF/F Post-Apocalyptic Romance feature elemental "magic" and a man who may or may not be a gargoyle. I'm also agent shopping and got a full request!! The fourth is "That News Guy." Read more about it below!!
What else is new?

I have lots going on this month and that's not including all the awesome TV shows coming back over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to This is Us, The Flash, Scorpion, and I can't wait to watch the new SF Comedy The Orville! Looks great. I'm always talking about TV and Pop Culture on my Facebook page so make sure to stop by:

As I mentioned above, I'm agent shopping my newest SFF series. I'm not leaving my current publisher, in fact, one of CHBB's imprints deals with Contemporary and Steamy Romances and that's where I've submitted 'That News Guy' to. I'd tell you the reporters who inspired me, but you may just think I'm as weird as the MC in the book! HA!

CHBB House is also re-releasing the Lucky Trilogy on ebook September 26th!! Have you seen the cover? Check out my last newsletter for a peek: August Newsletter

I'm also working on a new SFR series set further in the future than I've gone before and this series involves a Shuttle Cargo Pilot with a very dark and mysterious past who has to learn to trust and love people again after her ex does something horrific to her. I'm calling it #SFRThing on Facebook and Twitter if you ever want to follow the word count!

I love meeting new readers and friends and I'm always on the look out for new Beta and Review readers, so if you love getting free books to review or enjoy sneak peeks like the one below, feel free to join my Chat Room, we have lots of fun in there too:

I hope you take a minute to check out all the sales and freebies, including a couple from me, in this newsletter. I'm a big proponent of paying it forward and love sharing other author's books with you. So check them out and see if you can find a new book boyfriend and girlfriend to keep you company this fall!

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the US!

See you in October. <3
Newsletter Exclusives:
.99¢ MIND: The Beginning (SFR) & Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian (YA SFF) 9/4-9/7
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99 Cents!
Everyone has a TV Personality crush. What would happen if you met yours?
*Unedited excerpt from "That News Guy"

Jessica never figured her coworkers would purposefully torture her, but when she overheard Rava ordering Trapper Del rio to get a smoothie after his workout, her whole body flushed with heat. There was no way she’d be able to do this. Even though she heard him approaching, she was too busy sucking in all the oxygen from the room trying to keep calm.

“Hi, Jessi?” he said cautiously as he neared the counter.

After one more deep breath, she lifted her head, holding a smile and lost her breath all over again. Flush with his recent workout, practically glowing, he sat down on the stool, returning the smile as he slicked back the dark wavy hair from his forehead showing more of the gray around his temples.

“Smoothie?” she replied, wishing her cheeks weren’t as red as the counter.

“Rava said Greek yogurt and banana are a must, the rest, I’ll leave up to you. Not too sweet, please.”

Jessica nodded, picked up the blender jar, recalling an article she read mentioning his love of blueberries and knew the perfect smoothie to make. As long as she didn’t have to look at him, she could get through this.

Once she had all the ingredients, she blended the mix, added a splash of orange juice toward the end, and poured the smoothie into an eco cup. She took another deep breath, carried the cup back to the counter, and set it down.

“Thank you,” he said, dipping his head down trying to catch her gaze.

“No problem.” Jessica lifted her eyes, regretting it immediately. He was still smiling at her. Feeling faint, she leaned against the bar.

“Hey.” Trapper reached over the counter catching her by the elbow. “Are you okay?”

Jessica palmed the counter, nodded even as she shuddered when his hand slipped away. “I’m so going to get fired.”

“Why do you say that?” Trapper chuckled.

Despite the electric shock to her spine, Jessica met his eyes again. “We’re not supposed to make our clients feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry…I’m—”

“I get it. Please, don’t feel bad,” he said, tilting his head. “Just a regular guy, I promise. Boring really, when you get to know me.”

“You? Boring?” Jessica furrowed her brow.

“It’s true.”

Jessica shook her head. “You ran into a burning fire department to save a dog, went ten rounds with that terrorist leader hiding in South America, covered the entire hostage crisis, and even spent half a year on the presidential campaign trail with the worst candidate ever…do
n’t think that’s boring.”

“You remember Snuffles?” Trapper’s green eyes lit up and that sparkling smile appeared again, this time making her wet on top of already being hot. “That was twenty years ago…”

“It was big news around here. I was in college, always more interested in the news and current events than movies and the pop charts.” Jessica shrugged, trying to mask everything rolling through her body, wishing he’d just take the drink and go, yet wanting to talk to him forever. “Always liked chasing a story.”

“Same with me, politics was my junk food, I knew it was bad but I couldn’t get enough.”

“I’m sure the last guy nipped that in the bud. You haven’t gone political

His mouth twisted as he rubbed the side of his neck. “Burnt out. All the lies got to me after a while.”

“I can imagine. I’m actually taking some online journalism classes right now.” She cringed, feeling like a fangirl again until his bright eyes got brighter. “Uh…figured it’s never too late to try new things.”

“Couldn’t agree more, one of the reasons I’m here. It’s only for a few months but if you ever have any journalistic questions…I’d be happy to talk over a cup of coffee or two,” he said, picking up his smoothie and finally tasting it. “That’s much better than I was expecting. No grass or kale or weird stuff in this?”

“No,” she replied, chuckling and actually relaxing a tad, enjoying his sense of humor. “Mostly berries, juice, and yogurt. I don’t really like the green stuff.”

“Makes two of us.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Mr. Del rio.”

“Trapper,” he replied, winking at her as he got off the stool. “Thanks for the smoothie, Jessi.”

“Anytime.” She smiled, no longer caring that her cheeks were bright red when he grinned back before walking away. Jessica picked up her cell, found Rava’s name and typed: HOLY FUCKING SHIT MEET ME IN THE LOUGE RIGHT NOW.


Mary, young and all alone has been living in poverty trying to make ends meet to look after her dying mother. Although she finds it impossible to put out a burning fire of revenge. After the passing of her mother, Mary must exact revenge on those who have wronged her and her mother.
Don't miss out on this historical romance fuelled by the heated emotion of revenge and justice.

Nora Grier lives in a cramped second bedroom at the bottom of the building, goes to school,  Gavin Rowley looks down on the city from his penthouse suite and surveys his domain, plotting what he should reach out and take next. andfantasises about a better life, and a strong alpha man

Fake boyfriends are hard work. When 16-year-old Bella’s dream boy asks her to be his fake girlfriend, Bella does the unthinkable. She says yes. The rules are simple. Two weeks, no kissing, and a few big lies. The Boyfriend Agreement is funny, emotional, and wonderfully romantic. It’s a tale of one girl's journey to help her friends and find love, all without losing herself.


I have big plans for her semester abroad in Madrid...but falling for my studlySpanish tutor definitely isn't one of them #HotForTeacher
Along with her BFF, Maddie, Vivian hopes to indulge her inner Art History nerd by visiting the best museums in the world. MadrileƱo Rafa Montoya is the stuff study abroad dreams are made of: super studly and super smart. He also happens to be super into Vivian.
Is it best for Vivian to protect her heart at all costs? Or is letting Rafa in worth the risk?

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