January 29, 2019

Character Bios - #SFR #Mystery - #Killjoys meets #Helix - Coming soon!!

When I'm writing new characters, I sometimes have an actor or musician or another type of well-known artist in my head for a basic look. Some come to me fully formed. These two characters are semi-recycled from other manuscripts that didn't work. They turned out to be perfect for my next series. I found awesome stock photos for them, what do you think?

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Mari Yosoto


Japanese-European ancestry, brown hair and eyes.

She's a former EarthCorps pilot and current cargo hauler. After suffering injuries in a hovercar accident, Mari cut ties with her friends and family, knowing the secrets her body now holds put them all in danger. She agrees to a rescue mission, even though it means working with her ex-fiance's best friend.

Image may contain: 1 personTrevor Nash


African and Irish ancestry, brown hair and green eyes.

Retired EarthCorps Major, current Private Investigator. After being hired to find a missing girl on Mars, Trevor realizes he's much more curious and worried about Mari's than his mission. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, Trevor knows he has to keep the whole team together, Mari included, if they want to get out alive.


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