May 22, 2019

2019 #TVRecap #2 #TBBT #Lucifer #SWAT #GoT

Summer shows have begun!! That means all the "traditional" prime time shows are coming to an end.

I'm still in the middle of a couple shows like Cloak and Dagger & Blindspot, so I'll just go through everything else that ended so far.

BIG SPOILERS in this one.


I'm warning you.

You've been warned! lol

Big Bang Theory
I'm not big on watching comedy shows by myself. I don't know why, maybe I just like laughing with other people more than when I'm by myself. However, BBT is one that I didn't mind, mostly because I'm more of a nerd than people I hang out with and got 99% of the references on the show. Oh, I will miss this cast so much. I loved that Amy and Sheldon won the Nobel. Love that Leonard and Howard both put their foot down with Sheldon and LOVE LOVE LOVE that Sheldon realized how much everyone has done and put up with in regards to his personality. I'm so glad they brought in Kripke, Stuart, and Bert for a cameo before the show ended. I'm not sure they could have ended the show any better and I'm glad I was along for the ride.

Game of Thrones
Hmm, well, what do I say about GOT? There really is so much I could write a full blog, but there are so many recaps and opinions and videos and whatnot, it seems silly for me to do it myself. Like most people I felt the show rushed some of the character turns in the last season. The show is still visually stunning and amazing and gut-wrenching and impeccably acted, but the writer in me couldn't help but meh at some of the things that happened so quickly. I was one of the fans rooting for Dany to overcome her "mad blood" and be a good ruler with the right people at her side. I was miffed at her instant spiraling. I get that the hints were there. I get that she lost everything and everyone who she felt cared for her. I honestly would have liked to see a little more of her turning to the darkside. That being said, I think the characters still living got the best endings they possibly could except for Drogon. Jon really should have adopted him. 😈

This is one of three Cop-Centric shows that I still watch. If you've been reading my recaps for a while, you know I used to LOVE procedurals and watched most of them on TV. SWAT is one that I feel breaks the traditional mold. Yes, they still investigate crimes. Yes, they still take down the bad guys by the end (mostly). Some of their infiltration scenes were the most suspenseful moments on TV for me this year. But, what SWAT does differently is that they give us a well-rounded character drama about people in Law Enforcement who are more than just the job they do. I loved Chris' polyamorous storyline, though I think they're hinting at her getting with Street. I adored Hondo's relationship with his mother (Debbie Allen!) and Daryl.

This is the second of the Cop-Centric shows I watch and it's 100% not for the murder of the week. I skipped through most of them last season. I was very happy they limited the procedural work to focus on the characters more and it worked. Maze singing! Linda & Amenadial have a baby! New Angels! Luci's wings! OMG. I'm so ready for a full musical episode. Bring on Season 5!

A good season of Supergirl, not great, but not terrible. I didn't like some of the Sons of Liberty nonsense. I LOVED seeing Jon Cryer as Lex, he was fantastic. And I knew in the finale he was going to tell Lena about Kara. I really hate when characters make a turn for the worse based on someone else manipulating them. It feels hollow to me. Lena has seen enough shit this season to know how dangerous it is to have superpowers and saw the friends and family of people with powers become targets. "I did it to protect you" is annoying, but for this season it made sense. So now Lena will be the big bad next season which is kinda disappointing.

Legends of Tomorrow
Bonkers. I love it. It's my favorite Superhero show on the CW right now. I'm so happy the Monitor showed up, so they're going to be in the massive crossover this fall. I. CANNOT. WAIT. I'm a little bummed that our Zari got timewiped but since her brother (or uncle? he seemed like 30 almost and Zari is only 11 in 2019) popped up, I'm figuring she'll show up again with a slightly altered personality. Mick had a great season too. I was almost about to lose my shit over the Romance Convention story but then it saved the episode with the ending.

So, that's it for now. What was your favorite show this past season? Do you watch anything during the summer?

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