June 4, 2021

#CoverReveal - Drake's Dream, coming soon from @JennNixon

 The cover for Drake's Dream is here. 

July 27th, 2021

This book starts off right after the events of Dante's Hope, so be sure to check out Book one before you read Drake's story!!

Here's a Sneak Peek

Flabbergasted was the best word she’d come up with as she fanned herself off in the bathroom replaying his words in her mind. Rose knew Drake Reyes didn’t have a specific type. She had jealously watched him flirting with every kind of woman at the New York hospital fundraiser and saw him photographed with even more. Problem was, he was absolutely her type, large with dark features, light green eyes, and a charming swagger to die for. He made her weak in the knees with a simple look.

Finding out he played with couples, almost made her panties wet. He wasn’t as straight-laced as his brother Dante, but Rose had no idea he had a kinkier side. She wondered why he wanted to play with her and James. He seemed as interested in her date as she was, tepidly. Still, it was a great way to get closer to Drake without strings, something he seemed bound to no matter who he was seen with. Women never lasted long around him with his two-time rule.

Rose didn’t want any of that bullshit.

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