January 15, 2009

2008 in review...a little late, sorry.

I never got around to recapping 2008, so now that I have a moment, I figured I would.

2008 went pretty well all things considered.

I found a job I LOVE! The people are wonderful, the work is fun and not boring, and I'm not doing payroll.

I found a personal trainer. Love her too. http://www.onestepbody.com/ She's become a fantastic friend to me and with her help, I've lost at least another 60lbs this year.

I found a writers group to join. Finally, a group of people who can talk about books and writing as much as I do and NEVER get sick of it!

Everything I picked below happened in 2008 for me, said item may have been out earlier...I tend to procrastinate sometimes.

I didn't post all the reviews for all the books I read this year, but here are a few that stuck out.

Funniest Book: Hal Spacejock by Simon Haynes. http://jennafern.livejournal.com/145590.html
Best Book: The Kouga Ninja Scolls by Yamada FÅ«taro http://jennafern.livejournal.com/148229.html
Best Book by Author I hadn't read before: Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly http://jennafern.livejournal.com/148872.html
Best Book by someone I actually know! Glory Days by Irene Peterson http://jennafern.livejournal.com/151083.html

I got the Wii last year. Love the Wii Fit, though I haven't been on it in a while. I need to get back!
Best Video game: Devil May Cry 4 and Rock Band 2

Inuyasha's manga ended this year. Kinda sad, but I'm glad I was able to keep up with it and read the ending. Good anime, good manga.
Best Anime: Basilisk and Death Note (subbed not dubbed damn it)

Most of my regular TV shows were very good last year, a few slackers, but not too bad.
Best new TV Shows: Gossip Girl (I only started watching last year), Fringe, Mentalist, Eleveth Hour, Sara Connor,
Pissed I lost these shows: Moonlight, New Amsterdam, Jericho

I saw a bunch of movies this year, I can't even begin to remember them all. Some of my favorites were Dark Knight, Wall-E, Meet Dave, Mamma Mia, Tropic Thunder.

Favorite new musicians: Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Saving Abel, granted some of them may have been around earlier, but I didn't know them. Shinedown, Seether, and 10 Years came out with some great new stuff last year too.

Other moments that stick out:

My family and friends bought me an HDTV. FANTASTIC! One of the first memories of that was watching American Idol and seeing all the dust in the background.

The Bollywood routine on So You Think You Can Dance was awesome. I've been a fan of Bollywood for several years now. I haven't seen a ton of movies, but I've seen a few great ones. I love how Slumdog Millionaire is now bringing Bollywood to the USA. It's been here a while, people just didn't care.

David Cook winning American Idol. I said long before he won that he should win but thought DA would. Glad I was wrong. I'm also superglad I had caught up to the end of the show while watching it on the DVR because my recording stopped right after Ryan said David. LOL I remember the following day how many people were pissed off because their DVR cut off too.

American making history by electing Barack Obama. What a great day that was!

Joining NJRWA helped me to write a better synopsis, query, and novel in general. I've met so many wonderful people and had some great opportunities to showcase my work.

Things I hated:
Jonas Brothers - They make me cringe anytime I hear them.
Miley Cyrus - Her show is just a rip off of Jem...lol
Indiana Jones 4 - Tragic, I'm such a big fan.
Always being cold because I don't have as much insulation.
Manuscript rejections.
Moving, though the end result turned out to be much, much better.

I still can't believe how fast it went. I have high hopes for 2009. I'll be 35. I'll be healthy. I'll be...dare I say it, skinny-ish? Maybe I'll find a guy this year, wouldn't that be a hoot! Maybe I'll get an agent or book deal. Positive thoughts people!

I didn't actually make any New Years Resolutions because I'm doing everything I need to do anyway!

When I get home, I'll post my final Query count for 2008! TTFN

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