January 14, 2009

Word Count, Big People, and Weird People.

Here's the break down of Lucky's books:

Lucky's Charm - 103,696 (might read through once more for minor editing)
Lucky's Break - 114,661 (Needs final edit)
Lucky # 3 - 107,469 (Need full and final edit, and a title)

Man, that's a lot of damn words.

I have three agents reading it now as well as four editors. Whew. I hope to hear from some of them soon.

Biggest Loser always helps me work out like a freak on Wednesdays. I was very touched by the episode last night. Seeing Bob Harper so freakin pissed off was...just, well wow. Poor guy never gets that mad. I loved when he said he was channeling Jillian. :-)

I should be in Onederland by the end of the month!!! I still can't believe how much weight I've lost. Sad, but inspiring at the same time, I guess. I've been thinking about writing an article laced with some humor.

American Idol on DVR is super, super fantastic. I watched the whole show in 45 mins. Whee! That chick from CT with the pink had. Scary. Like, oh mi god, scary. "I'll be back next year!" giggle giggle. *shudder* Okay, granted she was only 16 but...I swore I heard the Psycho theme song in the back of my head.

I liked the rocker chick, the other cute 16 year old girl, and the last guy, who happened to be vision impaired. Before we even heard him, my brother didn't think he'd make it. But I knew he would, especially when he began playing the piano. Creative types usually are good at more than one creative endeavor, I've found.

While I can understand people wanting to audition just to get on the show, I don't understand the people who think they're good when they're not. Don't they have family to tell them they suck? I'll admit, I wanted to audition for AI when it first came out, I was too old. After about the third season, I probably wouldn't have auditioned anyway, the kids were that good.

I'm a decent singer, but these days, I probably wouldn't make it to the final round. Hollywood, sure, as long as I picked the right song...

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to watch the Mentalist yet, that's tonight. It's a great show, I hope it stays around for a while. BSG starts this week too! *Squee*

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