January 13, 2009

JACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! AND JENN IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, what a great bunch of episodes.

Tony, good? Bad? Not really sure yet even if he is working with pseudo-CTU.

Chloe Vs. Janis...I hope they do that more this season, fantastic.

JACK HAS A LEATHER STRAP ON HIS BAG THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!! He better keep it. He better kill someone with it.

*Swoon* I love it so far. Glad they're adding the subplot with the First Son into the main plot. Subplots haven't been good recently.

What a great start to the season! Jenn is happy.

Actually, Jenn is really freakin' happy because she finished Lucky #3 last night! Yes, that's right. I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go back today and clean up some minor things, add a bit of detail and then edit the whole series again, but I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's kinda sad, I'm going to miss having those characters in my head. I thought of a few ways to bring them back for another book down the road. Wouldn't that be great? I think so. It's a great story. I've taken lots of time and care to make these characters real. I believe that the Lucky trilogy is the best thing I've written yet. I hope someone else out there believes it too.

I'll take a short break soon, then go straight back to edit, so I won't miss them for too long. Then I'll probably be all depressed for a while. I guess it's sorta like letting your kids go off to college.

Having a crap load of other ideas in my head should make it easier to write the next novel, but I haven't started delving into those ideas full force yet. Finding the right one is the key.

I know in my writing, I'm one of those long arch story tellers. In my next adventure, I'm going to try and write a true stand alone but those characters will be within a world where I can use the secondary characters in future books. That should be fun!

My reading habits, mostly, are character driven. Jack Reacher, Harry Potter, John Rain, Lucas Davenport, Harry Bosch, Cherijo Torin, etc...I like reading about the same person, growing, changing, finding himself/herself in ever expanding situations, danger, excitement and the like. Until recently finding S.L Viehl, I haven't kept up with a reoccurring female lead since Nancy Drew. Not because there are not books out there, because there are, simply because I didn't find any I liked and wanted to continue reading their story. I've tried a few, but I've found many of them are paranormal in nature or vampire hunters. I'm very picky about my vampires. Don't mind paranormal, but many of the series writers in that genre have a plethora of characters instead of one main character. Yes, they all come back, but it's not THEIR story anymore.

If I get lucky with Lucky (ha!), I will definitely consider doing another series, but for now, I need to try something new. Challenge myself writing wise and see what I can do in other genres.

I've written the following to completion:

1. Star Wars Fanfiction about Obi-Wan and QuiGon Jinn (PS If you haven't seen the trailer for Liam's new movie, OMG it looks great. I'm so glad he's kicking ass again!) and a couple CSI and Inuyasha fanfictions.

2. Play Nice, a stand alone Romantic Suspense. (Eh, we won't talk about this)

3. Small Price, a stand alone Romantic Mystery/Suspense. (Better than Play Nice, but missing something)

4. Hidden Past, a stand alone Romantic Suspense that I tried to write specifically with Harlequin in mind. (It's not very good)

5. Two YA Science Fiction Mystery novels I wanted to turn into a series. (I really had high hopes, it's such a great concept, I MAY just use it for a regular novel in the future.)

6. Three Science Fiction/Fantasy novels, aka Tiva Boon. (I'm still in limbo with the economy, but keep your fingers crossed that it'll be in print this year)

7. Three Romantic Thriller/Suspense/Mystery novels aka Lucky. Seriously, I attended a work shop that explained the "difference" between the three sub-genres, and Lucky has all three concepts. Mystery-decoding/solving a past dilemma. Suspense-dealing with danger in the present. Thriller-doing something to save something or someone from an uncertain future.

Unfinished works include a Sci-Fi Romance (NaNo), YA Mystery, some naughty stuff (hehe), and probably a few other things that I'm blanking on at the moment.

I've written poetry, a few short stories, I've attempted a screenplay (didn't come out TOO horrible), and I've even written a mock play for one of my classes a few years ago...a new take on Cinderella (hillbilly style). Heh, I have it on my website if you dare to take a look. I've been writing my whole life in one form or another. I have diaries going back to age 13. I've never thrown away any hand written poems or little snippet of a story, or any of my story ideas. I still have those horrible X-Files and Homicide: Life on the Streets fanfictions I tried to do in the early 90's. I put myself in those stories because I wanted to be on the show. Of course, Mulder fell madly in love with me. :-)

Finding something new to write has never been an issue. Find the RIGHT new story to write will be the true test. I haven't decided what direction I'm going yet as far as genre, but I do know I need to try another stand alone. I wish I didn't have to, but I need to make sure I can write a good story, with a beginning, middle, and end, all in one book.

I could always make it open ended for future novels, but I don't think I can spend another two years writing an arch like that.

Of course, if I were smart, I write a steampunk...something, because it's a growing trend, but it's not what I like to write.

Maybe I should try a horror-steampunk-romantic-mystery next....


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