March 10, 2009

Agents, #Queryfail, Movies and TV. Whew!

So, guess what happened to me yesterday? I got a rejection letter. Normal, yes, but this one was originally sent on 4/2/08. Yeah. Really. Almost a whole year later. WTF is up with that?

I'm glad I've queried more than a couple of agents at a time. Imagine waiting that long just for an agent to respond? Even if they had said yes, I would probably rethink the agency as a whole. If they can't respond to a simple query letter in less than say...6 months, how can they handle more clients?

#Queryfail is blowing up all over the internet. I participated and thought it was a fun and enlightening experience. I made new friends. Learned what not to do in queries, and a chuckle or two from some of the submissions. People are having issues with the "mocking" factor. My feelings: 1. If you can't laugh at yourself, you need to lighten up. 2. If you don't read the guidelines, you should be mocked, it's your own damn fault. 3. If you haven't researched ANYTHING about writing or submitting a query letter, again, your fault.

No names were used. Most of the tweets were paraphrased. I'm sure there are a few people out there who may have recognized their pitch. If your feelings were hurt by random people making fun of your crappy query letter, you'll never made it as an author. Don't you read the reviews on BN and Amazon? People who buy your stuff don't CARE about your feelings. If they think you suck, they will let you know, publicly and make sure you know about it. At least with #queryfail the only person who knew it was your pitch was you and the agent. Doesn't seem that bad to me. I'd rather know sooner than later that something I wrote sucked.

-end rant-

Ex-Roomie brought me over a 50" HDTV this weekend. It's purty. His dad is selling it to me for $400. Yeah, seriously. I just need to find a base thingy for it so I don't have to tack it onto the wall.

I watched Body of Lies this weekend. Liked it. Watched Sicko and Religilous too, loved them!

Ex-Roomie, Brother and I saw Watchmen (no spoilers). I enjoyed it. I didn't think it was great but good. I'm going to read the comic/graphic novel now just to get the original feel of the whole story. I LOVED Doctor Manhattan...and no, not because of his blue-tiful penis, because his character touched me. No, not that way you perv! Though, there was some 40 year old guy scoffing behind me every time we saw nakey Manhattan. Dude, don't you have one? What's the big deal? Didn't hear you scoffing during the boobie shots. Jeeze.

Anyway, Manhattan was cool. One of the best new (for me) characters I've come across recently. Kinda disappointed he doesn't have his own comic or story beyond Watchmen. We all know Jenn loves tortured souls. He's probably at the top of the list right under Jack Bauer and Sylar.

Speaking of...OMFG! Spoilers!

If you haven't watched 24 (or Heroes) yet, don't read any further.

Brother and I were watching Heroes on the DVR. Just as it was getting good, he hit the remote by accident and the cable reverted to live TV. Agent Walker popped up on the screen. I covered my eyes.

Brother said: "Don't watch."
"Hurry!" I replied.
Then... "Right before Bill Buchanan died," Walker said.
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed. "#$#*(&#^@#(*#@&$"
"I told you not to watch!" Brother replied.
"You didn't say don't listen! $(*$&!@#($*&!@"

So yeah. I was kinda bummed. I already knew a couple of faves were going to die, same with Heroes, but it's always fun trying to figure out who. I really thought Tony would die, again, for real...ah well. RIP Bill. You were the man.

The other man, Sylar, is playing with my heartstrings. I really do love how they twisted that whole Son-Father drama. What a great couple of scenes between the two of them. LOVE John Glover. Nice to see the Lionel coming out of him again. heh.

So, with this super fantastic start to the TV week, I'm really excited to see what the rest of my shows have in store for me. BSG is almost over. *sniffle* The rest are now hitting their strides and doing great by me.



The Screaming Guppy said...

I couldn't agree more about #queryfail. Some people are beyond help.

And I enjoyed Watchmen as well! Though I did scoff once at the blue doctor - when he was meditating on Mars with his floating nekkid tush. >:)

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection, but a year? That's insane. Why even bother getting back to you.

Lynnette Labelle said...

Sorry to hear about your rejection and that it took so long for them to get around to it.

What's queryfail? I'd like to know more, if you don't mind... Sanks.

Lynnette Labelle

Tana said...

You're right people who buy your stuff don't care about your feelings. I've bought and read a ton of books I thought sucked (a discovery I'm sorry to make before the middle usually).

About the rejection, I've had that happen. It's an odd feeling since I had written them off anyway.