March 17, 2009

Lucky is lucky!! Contest news!

Got a fantastic email this morning.

Lucky's Charm made it into the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough novel contest! *Squee!!* Out of 10,000 books, they picked 200. I never have seen odds like that in my favor before. I think only specific customers are allowed to review the book, so if you are one or know one, please, PLEASE, pretty mine?

Lucky day!

Actually, I've had a few lucky days the last seven or so. I met an awesome guy. I'm back on track with losing weight. I'm feeling good about Lucky...yeah, it's all good. Happy Jenn is a very good Jenn.

Catching up on some missed shows tonight before American Idol. I haven't watched BSG or Gossip Girl yet. Been busy, in a good way. :-)


The Screaming Guppy said...

Great job! And best of luck!

Chuck Dilmore said...

Major congratulations on all the good things coming your way!

Keep us posted!