April 17, 2009

Week in pop culture, Jenn style!

So, yeah...what a week huh?

I'd like to start with Susan Boyle. I'm sure by now you've seen her audition, but have you seen this: http://tinyurl.com/c4zsxf She's wonderful! I really loved how during her audition Simon's face went from eye roll to wonder to utter fascination.

I'm not one to judge people based on looks. I used to be VERY heavy and know what it feels like to be overlooked or laughed at because of looks. It's kinda sad when someone like Brittney Spears can make a shit load of money with so little talent, and this woman had to wait until she was almost 50 for someone to recognize her gift. But, better late than never eh? I hope this will teach a lesson to some people out there who think that beauty is only on the outside.

Ashton Kutcher won the twitter challenge against CNN. Stinky, but at least they are donating money and stuff to charity. That makes it ok for me that he won. LOL I'm such a CNN junkie I couldn't help myself...

Johnny Depp on Spongebob tonight. 'Nuff said.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Brandon! WTF were you thinking? I have a feeling that Taj totally blindsided him. He's a good sport though, didn't make a fuss like Coach would have. Grrr. Now I have to put up with him and Tyson for another week? Gag.

24 ripped my brain out, stepped on it, and then put it back in backwards. I'll never be the same again. Yeah, didn't see it coming. Thought it was possible during the first few episodes, but man, they got me this time. I hope my original thought of Bad-Tony was wrong, though now with this twist, I probably am. Figures.

LOST still = love. Hurley and Miles are killer together. And btw, I'm in the shadow of the statue. LOL

New Harry Potter trailer looks FANTASTIC! I'm so going opening weekend!

I didn't get a chance to watch CSI last night, but the first 10 mins had me cracking up. Can't wait to see the rest. No Mentalist, Smallville, Criminal Minds, or Supernatural this week. *sniffle*

Heroes is back on track! I love how everything is tying into the second season once again. If you remember correctly, Future Peter was trying to stop Sylar from taking over for Nathan and destroying the world. It's still happening, but now it's coming even quicker because of the shape shifting ability and the fact he got to Clair a few years earlier. Nice. Great fixes. Kudos to Fuller!

Celebrity book deals irk the shit outta me. Though, I have to admit I would read Mama Spelling's book before Tori's. Saw her on Larry King and she seems like a super lady!

The Pirate Bay guys are in jail. Oops, that sucks.

State of Play has a great cast. That makes me worry. The cast for Edison Force was great too...have you seen that movie? Yeah, didn't think so.

I haven't read anything in a while, just blogs and news stuff. Fun, but that's okay, there's not much out there I need to read right now. I'm waiting for the next Reacher and Davenport books...

In writing news: I didn't make it to the semi finals for the Amazon contest. Ah well. Disappointed, but I didn't even think I'd make it to the quarter finals, so I'm okay with it. First major contest I entered, good sign I guess.

I've decided to start submitting again. There are a couple of publishers I want to try and a few more agents. I'll try the agents first, wait until June-ish for the publishers and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I may try the smaller publishers out there. Lucky needs a home and she will find one!

Ah, the weather is beautiful! I'm almost done here. Hope you all have a great weekend.



Eric said...

Not to be nitpicky, but the PB guys are not in jail...yet. I wouldn't count on them going to jail either, given that appeals are usually so good at overturning things. Oh, and I can't imagine when you have time to write. You are busier than I am (and thats saying something). :)

Traci said...

Hi Jen...I nominated you for a blog award. Visit my blog to snag the graphic. :-)

Rebecca Anne said...

I found my way here from Traci's journal. It was a busy week in pop culture! The Susan Boyle sensation is one I've been watching closely. I find it fascinating to observer how viral popularity sweeps through the Internet like she has. I did listen to her and she is amazing!
Nothing better then Simon eating some humble pie~

Unknown said...

I am so impressed with Susan Boyle. It's funny to think about what must have been inside her all these years, just waiting for the opportunity to come out. I wonder what might have happened if someone had tapped into her gifts earlier ...

J.R. Johansson said...

I love the commentaries on tv shows you put in here. Apparently, we watch the same things and have the same thoughts about them LOL

It is kinda creepy actually...

Oh well, great Jenn's think alike!

Great positivity! Lucky will find a home and when it does I want to read it :D

Jenn Nixon said...

I wish there was an eaiser way to comment back on blogger. Don't know if you all will see this!

Thanks for the comments! I am reading them!!