August 27, 2012

Guest Bloging or Blog Hosting? Here's what to do...

I've been doing blog tours for a while now and while some have been great, others have not. I've noticed some things over time and just thought I would share with you...

If you are HOSTING a guest blogger be sure you:

Add a comment on the guest blog post...there is nothing worse than NO comments on a blog post, even worse when the host doesn't even bother to put one up.

Promote the guest blog post on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or wherever you can. If you can and know how, make sure to TAG the author's name or at least shoot them a quick message that you've posted a promo. Many guests will cross promote you as well.

If possible, mention it in the morning and afternoon. Different people are online at different times!

Check back at the end of the day and thank everyone else who stopped by your blog to comment on your guests blog as well. Helps with networking and brings people back to your blog!

If you are GUEST BLOGGING on a host blog be sure you:

Make sure to send all your data, pictures, links, etc, to your host before their deadline. Yes, hosts can prepost most blogs, so the earlier the better.

When your post is up, add a comment on the blog post thanking your host for having you.

Promote your post and your host's blog on social media. Tag if possible.

Check back at least two times before the end of the day to view comments and respond.

If you are doing a giveaway, post the winners as a comment on that blog thread before you email them!


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