October 17, 2013

Jenn's Guide to Fall TV...so far

I know some of you enjoy my crazy TV blogs and since the majority of the 2013 Fall TV shows have started, I figured I'd share my thoughts.


Once Upon A Time: I'm still invested in the story AND the characters. Being a romantic, I'm digging the concept that hope and love triumph over evil because we all know that rarely happens in reality. I'm also a Hook fan. Love that guy.

Revenge: Already much better than most of last season. I had a feeling about Aiden, glad I was right. Not sure about this love quadrangle though...Jack should just shoot Daniel.

The Mentalist: FINALLY we're getting to Red John. I honestly thought it would be Season 2 or 3, but I do enjoy Jane's antics, so I've stuck around. I still think it's the Sheriff despite this week's episode.

The Walking Dead: It just stared and I'm so glad it's back. I hear this season is a constant build up to something, I'm looking forward to the ride.

Not going to go over the Fox Cartoons, I'm loyal. I'll watch until canceled....even Bob's Burgers. I love Louise.


Sleepy Hollow: This show should not have worked. It should have been uber-cheesy and super-silly, but it's not. It's probably my favorite new show this season. I'm a sucker for a fish-out-of-water story AND time travel AND supernatural stuff AND playing with history AND Orlando Jones. I hope his character breaks out a little more, he's awesome. However, the show is all about Abby and Crane, they are fantastic together. Most importantly, I'm glad he's married. I don't want these two shipped. Leave them be!

HIMYM: I ready for the end.

Beauty and the Beast: I like where the season started, but I have a feeling this will be the last. Shame, it won't feel like the CW without Kristin Kreuk in the hospital.

The Voice: I watch in Fast Forward mode, I have a couple of faves.

The Blacklist: Guess this is the Snark Season. Spader is great, worth watching just for him. The story is interesting, too.

Castle: Every time I think I'm going to hate what they change in this show, I end up surprisingly happy. Still a keeper.


S.H.I.E.L.D: I think the show is gelling nicely. Not sure why everyone seems to need superheroes or villains in the show, it seems to be doing fine with the new tech, team dynamic, mixed with the action and humor. The back half of the season will either make it or break it. I'm willing to wait.

The Originals: I planned on watching the first episode and writing it off because I really don't like Klaus trying to be a good guy, which is the purpose of this show supposedly. Glad his siblings came along, otherwise I'd stop watching. For now, I'm on board...at least until I get bored.

Supernatural: I'm hoping the writers and actors on this show make this season the best and last. I love my Winchester boys but it's time for them to get some peace and move on...on earth or not.

Person of Interest: I stopped watching last season but picked up again this season. I like Carter. Not sure about the new chick.


The X Factor: I already picked the top three, Jeff G, Alex & Siera and Restless Road. Let's see if I'm right.

Survivor: This show is still a great study of people and I think with this Blood v. Water theme, it's even better.

Arrow: My favorite new show from last year is one of the shows I'm excited to see every week. They really should have killed off Laurel last season, she's annoying me already. And I'm not sure why they didn't just make Felicity the Black Canary, she has great chemistry with Oliver. Not sure about the Red Hood either, I think Dig (who is the only character to have his own Jenn Theme Song) is a perfectly capable sidekick, if you'd call him that to his face...I wouldn't.

Criminal Minds: My nephew calls this murder porn. He's kinda right. I'm still watching it. LOL

The Tomorrow People: The pilot was decent, I'll give it 3 or 4 episodes to see if it's a keeper.


OUAT in Wonderland: While it's awesome to see Sayid off the Island and Tom alive and well and not a werewolf, I'm not too excited about this show. I may watch episode two if I'm bored, but I doubt it.

The Big Bang Theory: Starting off great! I love them putting different characters together and mixing it up. Howard and Amy are priceless together and Bernadette is hilarious.

Scandal: OMG this show! It's the second show I'm excited to see every week. Tonight's is sure to be super tense and awesome. It's crazy how good this show is.

Elementary: Yes, I know...for shame. Being an uber Sherlock fan, I probably die a little inside every time I watch this show, but it's entertaining. I'm pretty easy to entertain, give me a quirky and/or kick ass character in interesting or mysterious situation and I can pretty much watch it. I also love Lucy Liu, so, I DVR and watch when the mood strikes.

Glee: I'm a sucker for singing, singers, singing competitions, singing on shows (Buffy! Not Cop Rock) and when the talent is this good, I can't help but to watch.

Vampire Diaries: Elena isn't as annoying as she was last season and Bonnie is dead, so that already makes it better.


Hawaii Five-O: Another murder porn procedural I keep around for the banter between characters and awesome guest stars.

Grimm: Not back yet, I'm waiting!

Shark Tank: Dreams come true in the Shark Tank. It's nice to see the big guys helping out the little guys, with the exception of Mr. Wonderful who seems to be only in it for the money. Gives me faith in humanity again.

What I watched that I won't be watching again:

Dads - dud

The Goldbergs - cute show, but I think the end credits of the real life people were better.

Super Fun Night - Super Snore Night and I love Rebel. Shame.

Michael J. Fox show - I got a couple chuckles out of it and it seems like a decent show, I'm just not interested in the premise for the most part.

What I watched that I may check out when nothing else is on:

Brooklyn 99 - funny show, but I normally don't watch comedies by myself, it's not as fun. Sandburg and Braugher, along with the rest of the cast, actually have great chemistry together.

Hostages: I watched a couple episodes, not bad but I'm not dying to keep up with it, so it'll probably just fade away unless I'm bored over the weekend.

So what is YOUR favorite so far? Start watching something after binge-watched this summer? What late-start/mid-season shows are you looking forward to checking out?

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