August 4, 2006

Though I tried

...I still feel like I wasted the week. I finished part one of Tiva and began editing part two. I'm working on the back cover and acknowledgement. I just want to see the cover! The art director wanted to do it himself. I hope that's good.

I saw Superman Returns and Clerks 2 this week. Superman was eh, the kid did sound like Reeve, but there were too many weirdo things that lacked explanation. Clerks was funny, not hilarious but I chuckled, a lot. That's all I was really expecting so I wasn't let down. Next is Miami Vice and Scoop probably. We'll see, so many free movies to choose from! ^.^

I just watched Ong-Bak with roomie and brother, we were silly. People from China, Chinese. Japan, Japanese,, Thailandian...Thaiish. I know I know, just Thai. Like I said, were being silly. It was a great movie, the fights were great, we laughed and owww'd our asses off.

Watching shit like that only forces me to wonder how to write it down for a book. I do this often when watching movies nowadays. I see a little scene and try to imagine what I would write to convey it. Once, we were watching some movie and I started reciting the scene as if it were in a book. You definitely see more when you watch a movie or TV show, but when writing, you can't give every detail or you'll bore the audience. I'm still learning to find that balance.

My brother's girlfriend is starting up her own business, she said I could come up with a logo! Whee, that should be fun. It won't be anything fancy, but I don't mind helping out. It'll give me something to do.

I made a community for Tiva. I'm not sure why or if I'll ever use it, but once I get it looking right with all the info maybe I'll get lucky when the book comes out. Can't hurt to dream right?

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