August 11, 2006


Yet another unproductive week, well sorta.

I restarted Kingdom Hearts 2, I just finished Aladdin’s world. I'm kicking ass though (it is an easy game), and love the kamikaze-ness of the game play. I don't hate this Action-RPG, so I hope the new Final Fantasy games are a bit like this. The fact they are changing to action from turn based is upsetting, but what can I do? Roomie started Dead Rising on 360. I loved the beginning; I took pictures! Which made me think of a fun idea for another game: War Correspondent. Imagine you're a photographer during a war...the game could take you to different wars of the past and you could take pictures. Ultimate goal would be the Nobel. Heh.

We watched V for Vendetta last night. I like it. I was hoping Portman would kick a little ass, but guess it just wasn't that type of story. I found it quite interesting how it about technically about England but seemed so fitting for America.

The non-stop coverage in the Mid-East has finally been over shadowed by a plot to blow up more planes. Every time a plot is thwarted, this cynic wonders if it was real or wagging the dog, ya know? The US is getting closer to November, gotta keep the people scared so they vote republican. Roomie thinks the gay community should start the Pink Party. I told him calling it pink would just feed into the gay stereotype, but he figures it would eventually be called something "cutesy" so why not just start off with it? Maybe he's right. I'd probably vote pink.

Hmm, what else. Josh Blue won Last Comic! He was great, I'm very happy that he won, he deserved it. SYTYCD is ending next week. I have a feeling Benji's going to take it. Kiefer is on the cover of TV Guide. How the hell did Hasslehoff get back on television?

I'm having trouble with my back cover blurb for Tiva. I have this...but it doesn't seem to have enough punch. *Sigh* I dunno, I'll keep working on it. I have to do acknowledgements too.

I'm still trying to come up with an idea for a horror story. The guidelines make it so that it has to be realistic, but the majority of the horror I've read and watched all have some other worldly ties. I have a general plot but I'm not really sure how to make it 'horror' when writing it. We'll see how it turns out.

I haven't written anything new except pieces for a community writing challenge. I'm sure I'll be eliminated soon because I don't really know anyone and most seem to be voting for people they know. They should make it anonymous, but I doubt that'll happen. *shrug*

I finished reading Rain Fall I like it. He definitely made me feel like I was in Japan. I love the character, I'm looking forward to learning more about him. I just started reading one of the books I won from Paperback Writer the first of her Science Fiction Medial thingy StarDoc and I have to say it's very interesting. She created her own slang, lots of cool words to describe the normal science fiction toys that one would think to be real in the future, (like so it's making for a fun read so far. The next book in the Vampire Romance I've been reading comes out in September. I'm looking forward to it.

After I'm done reading it, I'll probably email the chick back and thank her again for the books and maybe get a new 'contact' in the author world.

I drove past my old house today. It still looks the same. The house next door was resided, it looks pretty next to my old house.

I still haven't heard back from Harlequin about my little Romance novel. I'm not sure if it's such a good sign anymore.

If Tiva does well when it comes out, I'll probably shop for an agent...maybe.

I keep getting spam comments on this place. That's really annoying me. Not to mention I'm still noobish at this place. I don't even know if there is a way to link to other people's blogs. Ah well...

I'm not going to go off on a political rant today, I'll be a good girl.

I have an interview on Tuesday.

I've been doing some searching for places to advertise when Tiva comes out. Mostly Science Fiction based web sites. I checked with MySpace and they have a min of 4K for their advertising budget. Yeah, don't think I'll be doing anything there. Geeze, no wonder why they are a free site.

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