October 4, 2006

Plot this

I have a very good (sometimes bad) talent of blowing plots before they are revealed. Last week, I said in the first ten minutes of Heroes that everyone was connected. Then this past weekend, Mom and I were watching Lake House and I figured that one out after the bus accident.

I do it often, maybe it's because I watch too much TV and movies. I like it when I'm wrong or can't figure it out a la Sixth Sense, Saw (the first one), and the majority of the times I can't figure it out, it's because I'm trying to hard...or something.

Speaking of which, I got a DVR for the cable. WOOT! It is a wonderful toy, dangerous and likely to turn me into a bigger couch potato, but that's okay, now I get to watch crap during the year that I normally watch during the summer. I watched Nip/Tuck last night because Rosie was on it. Funny episode. Tonight is LOST bitches!

I'm up to 63K words on my newest project. I have an idea where I want it to go, but I pulled this story out of my ass and made up as I went along. Normally, I don't have an outline, synopsis, or even notes when I start writing, it's all in my head. With this one, I did a bit of plotting and note taking and I kinda know where I want it to end, but I'm afraid if I leave it with a cliff hanger and try to sell it as a series, I'll just get laughed at. I don't know if anyone will want to read this book. I never write with an audience in mind. I write what I enjoy. I know more women than men read fiction but for some reason the stuff I write seems targeted toward the male population. My only twist is, the main characters are usually women and kick ass. I think the romantic relationship subplot might keep women interested, least I hope so.

I cleaned my room yesterday. I'm sore right now. It took ALL DAY! You don't even want to know what I found under my bed. *Shivers* I'm glad I did it, but it just made me realize that I don't have enough room for my shit. This is my bookcase:

Looks small right? Well everything is double stacked, and I have another hanging shelf full of books to go along with that. I don't have as many books as DVD's (yet), but I still need a bigger bookcase Bleh. I can't fit anything else in it.

I took apart and cleaned my computer. I put everything back all nice and neat. I'm proud of myself. I hate cleaning. Any type. It's like making my bed. I think the last time I made my bed was when I had company over a year ago. What the hell should I make my bed if I'm just going to get into it later? Doesn't make sense to me, but I know people who make it every single day. O.o

I'm heading out to Best Buy. X3 came out yesterday and I didn't pick it up. Depending on how much money I have on my credit card, I might buy myself a present since I'm starting the new job on Monday.

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