September 29, 2006

Gamer Girl

The first video game I ever finished all the way through was this:

Yes...if you are a child of the 80's I'm sure you remember this beast of a game. "Adventure" tried to be a role-playing game, I think. Those fucking keys and the dragons! Ugh.

The last game I beat was this:

Personally, I think it's amazing what we've done in thirty-ish years of video game design. Today I learned my nephew is thinking about getting into the business. That would be so cool. Too bad he's not old enough now, he could make the Tiva video game. :-)

I remember blowing into my cartridges for Nintendo and sometimes using another game to stick into the port and make it work. It usually did.

My roommate said to my brother and I today, "Are you going to be playing Final Fantasy when you're 80?" Our response was, "Hell yeah."

I've been trying to branch out and play shooter/action games, but there's just too many things to do with all the buttons. I'm used to maybe four different things on four buttons. Now I have to master eight. Fuck that. Give me a simple turn-based role playing game any day.

Still, I love video games. I love the CG graphics. I love playing navigator and figuring out the puzzles. Sometimes I love the stories. I'm really enjoying Enchanted Arms and listening to it in Japanese. *Swoon* I'm really enjoying that option. American voice-over actors are getting better, but no one does it like the Japanese!

The second thing on my mind today is rude people. You know what I find rude? Leaving a mess behind in a public place because you're too lazy to clean it. There is NOTHING worse than having to use the bathroom and walking into a stall with...well...just about any bodily fluid you can think of somewhere in visual range. Sorry girls, but you are the worst! Woman's bathrooms are disgusting. Aiming to pee because you won't sit on the seat isn't fun, we weren't built that way.

How about when you spill or break something in a supermarket and just leave it there? Or when you throw your trash around the movie theater despite the fact there are THREE garbage cans near the exits. You carried the shit in, emptied it and now you can't carry it to the trash? What the fuck? Would you go to your mother's house with a soda and leave it on her favorite couch?

I'd hate to think this type of rudeness is just in America. I've been to Scotland and England and I don't remember public places being as messy as they are here. Have you ever seen a self-serve restaurant at a theme park? Ack! Condiments squirted all over the place, clumps of napkins hiding the relish that came out of the container and soda all over the floor.

It's not just a problem of laziness here in this country. It's the mentality. "I don't have to clean that up, someone else gets paid to do it." Well you know what, that's true, but maybe you know why the customer service you get from places isn't the best. I'd hate to cater to people, yes them to death and deal with their outburst just to clean up after them too. We all know people in the service industry don’t make a ton of money, isn’t it time we gave them a break instead of busting their chops even further?

Stop being rude, America. Clean up after your damn selves.

*Steps off soap box.*

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